3:17 Part Twenty-Eight

This is the final part of a fiction serial.

The six o’clock news was the best. Many people home from work, and more effort put into the report. Reporters had hit the headquarters of Surrey Police, and a flustered Assistant Chief Constable was making a statement on camera. He fluffed on about Holloway had been exonerated back then, and was now retired with the rank of Inspector. He denied any knowledge of a cover-up, and told them the Chief Constable at the time had died almost twenty years ago.

When pushed about the possibility of an enquiry, he stated that he would be happy to cooperate with any investigation, but that the Holloways should be given their privacy while that was decided. Not much chance of that.

Brendan finally faced the cameras outside the home ground of Southampton. He claimed to know nothing, and said he had been a boy when the incident happened, and all he knew was that his dad had helped some people after a bad car accident. The Chairman of the club was standing next to him, looking decidely uncomfortable.

There was more on the ITV News At Ten programme, with a football pundit roped in to talk about how Brendan had only got his youth team spot because Terry had been killed in the car accident. That was the sort of thing I wanted to hear. It wasn’t until after that when I got the first phone call, from The Sun newspaper. They had a reputation for tracking people down.

I was happy to give my story over the phone. Not that I let on I was involved in the revelations, just told them how I had never known my dad or brother, and had grown up missing them, with a mum who was heartbroken.

Naturally, I laid it on a bit.

My appearance in the newspaper the next day, minus a photo of course, generated calls from Leon and Mark, also John from the Estate Agency. Then a local TV crew knocked on my front door, and I let them in to do an interview as I sat on my sofa looking suitably sad. I made sure to get in the line that all I wanted was justice for my dad and brother.

Mum didn’t ring. Either she hadn’t seen anything about it, or more likely knew what I had found in the boxes.

That afternoon, Southampton played with their assistant manager in charge. They lost 3-0.ย  Then there was some ‘Breaking News’ on the BBC just before five. Former Inspector Holloway had suffered a heart attack during a game of golf. He was in Intensive Care, and described as ‘Poorly’. I didn’t know whether or not to be happy about that. I would have liked him to suffer more.

At just after eight that night, the BBC News 24 reported that Brendan Holloway had parted company with Southampton Football Club, by mutual arrangement. Seemed like that Chairman hadn’t believed him either. By ten, the story was slipping down the schedule, and the fact that Brendan’s dad had died that evening only got a passing mention.

After all the mystery, the intrigue, psychic investigators, and private detectives, the end seemed to be something of an anti-climax. Brendan was on the football scrap heap, minus his seven million contract, and his dad was dead. Hopefully, my dad and Terry had now moved on to something or somewhere better. As for me, I had my notes. I thought I might write a book about it all.

Before that though, I was going to apply for a job. I fancied a career in London, in The Metropolitan Police.

I had a feeling I would be good at that.

The End.

71 thoughts on “3:17 Part Twenty-Eight

  1. I also had some episodes to read. A very well written story that is easy to understand even for me as a foreign language layman. But still very bad, I think. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Always the 3:17 in mind. Great! Thanks for your efforts, Pete! Best wishes, Michael

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  2. I totally enjoyed this serial, even when I had to catch up with several episodes at a time. Somehow watching Darren get motivated about something was very satisfying. I like the way the revenge unfolded.

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  3. That was a very fitting ending! I think Darren will be fine. This was a really good serial, Pete. How it started at 317 and wound its way along a diverse path kept me glued. Thank you!

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  4. (1) “Reporters had hit the headquarters of Surrey Police…” It’s not wise to hit concrete buildings. I suspect the reporters came away with bloody fists.
    (2) Sometimes, denying knowledge of a cover-up is part of a cover-up.
    (3) When pushed about the possibility of an enquiry, the Assistant Chief Constable stated, “It’s possible in England. But not in America. Over there, they would conduct an ‘inquiry’ instead.”
    (4) A reporter noticed that Darren looked sad as he sat on the sofa during the TV interview. When asked why he was said, Darren replied, “I was hoping to be interviewed by Holly Willoughby.”
    (5) “Former Inspector Holloway had suffered a heart attack during a game of golf.” He’d been struck in the chest by a golf ball. #Fore!
    (6) Brendan Holloway is no longer with the Southampton Football Club. That gives him time to plot revenge against Darren Cook. All he has to do is think of a sneaky way to get Darren behind the wheel on the A317.
    (7) “Hopefully, my dad and Terry had now moved on to something or somewhere better.” Rather than turn the other check, they sought to have Darren exact revenge, which is not a heavenly thing to do. So where the hell do you think those two will end up?
    (8) Overheard:
    Darren Cook: “i fancy a career with The Metropolitan Police.”
    Sylvia Townsend: “Sorry, but you don’t have a ghost of a chance.”

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    1. Once he knew what it meant, it was no longer needed as a reminder, Ro. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thanks for reading mate. It was based on me waking up at that exact time on two occasions, after unsettling dreams.
      Love to you both, Pete. x

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  5. Absolutely brilliant, Pete! I really enjoyed this serial, had me captivated from the get-go. This is definitely in my top 5 favourites of yours. Such a satisfying ending! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Terry and dad showing up might have spooked him too much. But the whole experience definitely made Darren a better person. That might have been part of their plan. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Perhaps they haven;’t caught up with you yet, Jack? If you read around the blogs, you will find many others have had Classic removed over the last few days. I am using a work-around link someone sent me, but on my own blog, Classic is no longer an option. Honest! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete

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