33 thoughts on “Short Thoughts (48)

    1. I hated the way they all laughed when it was swearing. It could hardly move in there, except from perch to perch. That was in 1969, no idea why it came to mind.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  1. As a kid we had a budgie that flew around the house as Mum couldn’t bear to see it in a cage. My dad taught it to swear. I wrote an essay about the bird for a school writing competition, and won it, lol.

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  2. My aunt had a parrot. Although it wasn’t caged, it used to cuss profusely at anyone who came to her house when no one was there, saying things like get out along with a string of profanities. It was funny and very protective.

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      1. No, she lived in the village. It’s full of green. An amazing place. The parrot would fly to the nearby places and come back there. It’s a wonder how it came back every time. Guess it loved my aunt as much as she did.

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  3. You just stirred a memory of the Mynah Bird that was at the local launderette, I think it spoke and if I remember rightly was free to wander outside the cage, or had a perch outside of its cage. Still not right, but at least it had some freedom.

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    1. I was just remembering my uncle’s Mynah Bird. The cage was a small wooden box, with a wire front. The poor bird could hardly move, except from perch to perch. That must have been about 1969. Everyone roared with laughter when the bird was effing and blinding, but not me.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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