3:17 A Serial Overview

Yesterday saw the publication of the final part of my fiction serial, ‘3:17’. Some readers may not have been aware that this was prompted by two actual events that happened to me this year, when I woke up from a very bad dream to find the time was exactly 3:17 am. On another occasion, I woke up feeling overwhelmingly hot, despite the cold room, and had a strange sense something was wrong. Checking the time, it was 3:17.

After blogging about that, some readers suggested it would be a good background for one of my serials, and I took up those suggestions to create a similar experience for my main character over a 28-part serial.

For this serial, the stats indicate that all the early readers stayed with the story to the end. Daily views were exactly 100 every day, and did not drop below that at all. That gave a total viewing figure for the serial of 2,800 views. There were lots of positive comments too, which is very rewarding for me as the writer.

Also today, I am publishing the complete story in one blog post. This is because I can still continue to access the Classic Editor at the moment.

I would like to thank everyone who read the serial, stuck with it to the end, and left those much-valued comments. Also anyone who shared the daily post on Twitter, or any other social media platform.

35 thoughts on “3:17 A Serial Overview

  1. I do remember you telling us about your dream at 3.17.
    I liked this serial, which actually felt shorter than 28 parts. Health wise, March was a rubbish month for me in and out of hospital but I enjoyed keeping up with the story.

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