Tourist London: A Walk In History

My friend Antony sent me another of the You Tube videos of Joolz presenting one of his very informative walks.

This time, he is walking around some very famous Central London tourist areas, and giving a detailed history in his inimitable style.
(The film is just under 30 minutes long.)

If you have ever wandered around the same places, you may well be interested in the background to them.

24 thoughts on “Tourist London: A Walk In History

  1. Found this chap on you tube some time ago, always entertaining and informative, I imagine that with all the lockdowns his business must have taken a big hit. A lot to be said about the internet / social media good and bad, this is some of the good. Hope all is well with you all and Ollie is coming right.

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    1. Thanks, Bobby. I like the syle of the guy, and find him entertaining to watch.
      Ollie had a good walk today, and ate half of his dinner. I will get him checked out next week.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. His tours are fascinating aren’t they? My wife and I got hooked on Joolz at the start of lockdown. He’s a great character and his videos are so easy to watch. I like the way he usually ends up in a bar or pub – even though that was another avenue of pleasure cut off for us by co-vid.

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