Ollie: Back From The Vet

I have just returned from taking Ollie to the Vet this morning.

After getting his booster vaccinations, and a full check-up, the Vet pronounced that there is nothing wrong with him whatsoever. His weight, temperature, and heart are all good, and he has no signs and symptoms of any infection or discernible illness.

My concern about Ollie not eating as much and drinking more water was put down to Ollie’s age, and the fact he has slowed down considerably. Less rigorous exercise means that he is not as hungry, and because it has been unusually cold and we have had the heating on might well make him more thirsty in the house.

It seems I was over-reacting, but I am glad that Ollie has been checked over, and is fine.

Thanks to everyone for your concern about him. That is always appreciated.

85 thoughts on “Ollie: Back From The Vet

  1. Glad he is ok. My rat Rolanda had a massive appetite right even on the day I had to take her to the vet for Rainbow Bridge. I’ll always miss that funny girl.

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  2. Great! Lovely to hear. My English Shephard, Chaka is slowing down some…she’s eleven and this bout of age progression is the first time that I can actually see the process in her rather than just being aware that it is naturally happening. So yeah, it’s a bit alarming when the process kicks in.
    Glad that’s all it is.

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  3. Pete, if you really want to know what’s in store for Ollie, I suggest you invite Sylvia Townsend over tonight. In true Dickensian manner, she can summon the Ghost of Blogs Yet to Come, who will reveal your future posts about Ollie.

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  4. That’s really great news Pete. Our animals are as much apart of the family as we are and we worry about them. When my cat got sick I was beside myself. Glad to hear Ollie is fit as a fiddle and doing well

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