Colder And Colder

Last month, I wore shorts for three days running. It wasn’t hot, but it was certainly warm enough for shorts on a dog-walk.

Then the weather changed.

Scraping car windows at 8 am, heating on in the house until bedtime, and digging out a heavy coat with a big wool collar to pull up around my ears. Cold wind making my cheeks feel numb outside.

Then it got colder.

Yesterday, I had to wear gloves on the dog walk, for the first time since we had the deep snow. Grey, gloomy skies and ice-cold drizzle persistent enough to need my umbrella.

I think the seasons have engaged reverse gear.

69 thoughts on “Colder And Colder

  1. Same here, Pete. 76 yesterday, which is unheard of in April, and today is chilly in the 40’s. We put the snowblower away as flowers are blooming. I hope we weren’t too hasty.

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  2. April has the reputation of producing erratic weather hereabouts; we actually call this sort of thing „April weather“. And it‘s certainly lived up to its reputation here, too, with bright sunshine and summer temperatures switching, in the blink of an eye, to snow and storms so bad that my mom (80+) is literally afraid to leave the house because she‘s scared she will be blown away …!

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  3. It was a cold frosty morning then the sun came out and it seemed lovely – until you went outside! We’ve had a couple of brief snow showers. Not even thinking about turning the heating off.

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  4. Pete, it’s all part of this “upside down” world…I have never had the heat on in our house for so long…low 60’s during the day and high 40’s at night for 3 solid months, with only short breaks…now, we are dry as a bone and sunny, but I don’t have “winter skin” any more and this is tough!

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  5. It has been so weird.. Snow in April?? I mean really.. I got excited and put my winter wardrobe away only to have to go and pull it all back out 🤦‍♀️ I really REALLY hope it starts to get warmer again soon.. So over being cold

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  6. Weird, isn’t it? [and not a little annoying!] I think it was Philip Larkin who said “April is the cruellest month”; but I could easily be wrong there, so I am prepared to stand corrected! 😉 Cheers, Jon.

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