Some British films

Another old film post from 2013. Only Eddy has seen this one.


Working my way around European Cinema, I almost forgot the UK. The long tradition of film-making here has been diluted over the years, with the demise of many famous studios, and leading actors and directors ‘defecting’ to the USA. There is still a vast amount to choose from though, and here are five to think about.

Brighton Rock. The first, and best film treatment of the Graham Greene novel. This 1947 film gives the young Richard Attenborough the role of the psychotic Pinkie, a juvenile gang-leader , arguably one of his best ever performances. Filmed for the most part on the streets of post-war Brighton during the summer, it serves as a fascinating social documentary as well, portraying those times, the vehicles, and the style of dress. With a cast of well-known British character actors supporting Attenborough’s menacing central lead, this is a great example of the sort of British…

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14 thoughts on “Some British films

    1. I have seen both. Olivier’s one is quite ‘stagey’. The later film goes for a similar Shakespearian feel, but is more ‘cinematic’. I prefer the Olivier film, as I find Branagh very ‘false’.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. I didn’t know about that Greene adaptation. I vividly remember seeing Lawrence of Arabia when it came out on a giant screen in a very elaborate(since destroyed)movie house. I was enthralled.

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    1. I saw it in on release Central London on a 70mm widescreen print, and was completely overwhelmed by the visuals. Even now, the direction by David Lean has rarely been bettered.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I’ve seen Get Carter and Lawrence of Arabia. Both wonderful films. I particularly like Get Carter. I enjoyed your take on the film. I agree with everything except I found John Osborne quite convincing as a gangster. The character’s homosexuality gives him an extra air of menace, I think.

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