Affiliate Bloggers: A Tip

Hello to all you affiliate bloggers. Those of you hoping to make some money by writing blog posts with buying links to products. Yes, you are honest about that, and I thank you for that honesty. Why not use the Internet to create a business that pays you money without having to actually buy-in any products? That sounds like a good idea.

But here’s my tip.

Research your target market before following a blogger that you hope may be someone who would use your links to purchase products.

Take me, as an example. I am a man, and I am 69 years old.

I don’t wear lipstick.
I do not have a ‘skincare regime’.
I do not have extensions in my hair.
I do not have enough hair left to bother about using special shampoos.
I am white skinned. (Photo on my About page, if you want to check)
That means I do not need special products designed for darker skin types.
I don’t use foundation make-up, or eye shadow.
I do not use nail polish, or wear false fingernails.
(Some 69 year old men might, and I don’t judge them for that)
I do not have any need for a ‘natural’ make-up remover.
I might be considered to be ‘plus size’, but I do not wear ‘shaping garments’ to hide that.

I wish you well with your ventures, and I am just trying to save you the time and trouble of directing your marketing at the wrong bloggers.

68 thoughts on “Affiliate Bloggers: A Tip

  1. Blog, website, marketing campaign, ads on Google/Facebook, etc? Know the audience you have something to offer to. Period. For every thing you write, every CTA you put up, every single thing you do, if you are to focus your efforts on making your blog a money making enterprise? Know the people you wish to serve – otherwise – throw spaghetti at a wall over and over to see what sticks and waste your time and resources – – OR just write for your self, your mission, your gift in the world and let those who need you show up – takes longer, but oh, what a loyal fan base you shall have built over time……

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  2. I think your followers are to blame, you have too many, and you’re exactly the type of blog they’re hoping to find. I never get any of this? There’s something to be said about flying under the radar! C

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    1. Will you sel the cakes, the recipes, or just add links to the ingredients? Almost everyone eats food, so you have a head start! As long as you clearly say you are an ‘Afiliate Blog’, nobody should take issue with that. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.


  3. All I get are gambling sites. In replying I insist I’ll include this text, which seems to put most off:

    CabbieBlog has full editorial control and all sponsored posts carry the following footnote:

    β€œThis is a sponsored guest post for which CabbieBlog has received a fee. Proceeds from these articles help keep the wheels turning on this site offering free content for anybody with an interest in London. All links here conform with guidelines set out in Write a Post.”

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  4. Pete,a Marketing Executive at a “sugar substitute” company reached out to see if I wanted to share their posts about this product…in exchange for putting my blog up on their site and include it in their promotional efforts….but I’m just not sure ANYONE wants me to start prattling on about how to replace sugar in your daily life!

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  5. That’s very helpful of you, Pete: I wouldn’t have blamed you if you’d just dismissed them out of hand. Many people need to “make a buck”, I’m afraid, so this appears to be regarded as an easy route to that. Cheers, Jon.

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    1. When they are honest about being an Affiliate blogeer, I respect them for that. But in the last few weeks most of those Affiliate bloggers who have followed this blog are recommending female beauty products. Fortunately, I find that to be more amusing, than offensive. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  6. (APPLAUSE) It might not be that the bloggers you are addressing think about the blog’s administrator. Rather, it might be that they look at the number of followers, or if you have a busy comment section. They aren’t just reaching out to us, but through us to reach others.

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    1. I see what you mean, Xena. But how would any of my followers know who they are? Just by following my blog doesn’t serve to advertise their presence on WordPress. Maybe they just want to ‘harvest’ everyone who comments. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. “Harvest” is a good word. Also, getting comments consisting of nothing more than a link to their blog is a good indication of their agenda. I do not approve those comments and chuckle at the idea that those doing so would think I would.

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