Some Science Fiction films

Another film post, reblogged from 2013. David and Keith have seen it, but I think few others have. Science Fiction this time.


What is Science Fiction? It can be argued that this means different things to different people, and with justification. I will deal with those films that take a futuristic view of events, and try to imagine what life might be like, in an alternative reality, or in centuries to come. I will try to avoid ‘monster’ films, but will include robots, and space travel. Some of these are incredibly famous films, and I could not justify omitting them from this short list. If you think you know them well, have another look, and discover something you might have missed.

Things to Come. Written by H.G.Wells, and directed by Alexander Korda, this 1936 film spans a huge time period, from 1940, through to an imagined 2036. It is famous for its predictions; of the destruction of cities by massed aerial bombardment, the use of chemical and biological warfare, and post-apocalyptic…

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15 thoughts on “Some Science Fiction films

  1. Great choice mayt 🐾 Did you deliberately leave out Solaris (the original), or is it that you just don’t like it? Has to stand besides 2001 as the ‘other’ granddaddy of Science Fiction films….for us, anyways 🐾

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  2. That’s a good list, Pete. I’ve never seen Things to Come, or Dark Star; the plot of the latter sounds like Red Dwarf might have borrowed a few ideas? Forbidden Planet: I must have done, but it will be a very long time! I remember one film, could be this one, had an example of popular music in the distant future: from memory, it sounded like current rave/techno music! 2001 & Blade Runner – agree 100%: 24-carat, copper-bottom classics! Cheers, Jon.

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    1. Thanks, Jon. I was never a fan of Red Dwarf, so can’t comment on whether or not it borrowed from Dark Star. Things To Come is still worth seeing, if only to marvel at the ‘predictions’. (He wrote the book in 1933)
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. The reality is now so fictional that one is really happy to watch older science fiction movies. Since experiencing this pandemic one can no longer feel fear, although I have always felt fear in some science fiction movies. Really! 😉 Best wishes, Michael.

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