Hailstones In May

I am trying so hard to be positive.

Honestly, I am.

I have stopped moaning about the Block Editor, and my moans about the weather had changed to trying to be amusing.

But it is only 6:15 pm, and already very dark, with low cloud.

Then we had a hailstorm.

So fierce, it scared Ollie, and he came to me for a ‘comfort stroke’. The noise was incredible, as the hailstones crashed onto the windows and pattered off the roofs and cars outside.

I checked the calendar, just to be sure.

As I suspected, it was still the 4th of May.

Being positive in England is not easy, I can tell you that.

68 thoughts on “Hailstones In May

  1. If you’d just arrived in the UK from Arizona, I’d say, Welcome to Britain!

    I know it’s been unusually cold for the past month or so, but we can get hailstorms any time of year, and we’ll get more, I expect.

    Complete the following well known phrase…

    Ne’er cast a clout…

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    1. I remember a holiday in Pembrokeshire when we all had to buy rain-gear on the first morning. Most days we had to head home early in the afternoon, and spend the rest of the day in our rented house in Fishguard. At least I got to see some wonderful castles, between the downpours. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Take care, Pete! Dont be renamed to “Ranting Pete”. Lol Sorry, i understanding your rants. In the rural environment, far away from bigger buildings such storms can make a horrible feeling. Best wishes, Michael

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  3. Definitely the impression I get. Last year I felt the same being in the USA. So far this year it’s at least not as frenzied but I find it hard to be optimistic about the future. Which is why I try to do what they say “stay in the present”. Hope your weather improves soon. Last year May 9th we had 5 inches od snow that ruined my lilac.

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    1. This is unusual, although we had some snow in mid-April. The seasons are all over the place. Climate change seems to have arrived early.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  4. It was all going so well… I know it’s no consolation, but it rained heavily on my birthday (last Sunday), although I didn’t have any plans to get ruined by it, so I guess… it could have been worse. The most I could ever say about British weather is that it was always surprising. Stay warm and safe as much as you can.

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