Some films from the USA

I am reblogging another old film post from 2013. Other than Eddy and Paul, I don’t think anyone has seen it.


I know, how do you possibly choose? Home of the Hollywood musicals, the best gangster films, some of the best war films, and many of the most memorable moments ever filmed, anywhere. Disney, MGM, Spielberg, RKO, Paramount, and the whole studio system. It may not have been the first place where films were made, but it has the most prolific, and arguably the most varied Cinema Industry, anywhere on Earth. It is impossible to offer five suggestions from all that isn’t it? Well maybe not. If I ignore all the usual suspects (and The Usual Suspects), forget everything before about 1980, and leave out every epic, I can just about come up with some that may give you pause for thought; and that you may have never seen.

Ghost World. This film from 2001, sees Steve Buscemi, well known from many later roles, as a geeky, middle aged man, alone…

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