Some films about WWII

Reblogging another old film post from 2013. I don’t think any current followers have ever seen this one.


There have been a lot of films made about this long war, that took place in so many parts of the world. Many are so well known, that I have deliberately avoided including them here. So, no famous British black and white war films, no ‘Saving Private Ryan’, or ‘Bridge Over The River Kwai’. For those of you who enjoy war films, for whatever reason, I hope you find some new ones here, and that you are intrigued enough to seek them out.

Come and See. This is a Russian film from 1985. It is set during the German invasion of Belarus, and follows a young man, and a girl he meets, on their journey to join a band of partisans. It is not a film of great set piece battles, but does not shrink from depicting the horrors of the German atrocities carried out during this period. Over…

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14 thoughts on “Some films about WWII

  1. Thanks Peter. It’s amazing how much is coming up just now about the World Wars…is it because soon there will be no-one left who remembers? I find it all very over powering. How can we not have learned from those wars?

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    1. Obviously, I am going to say they are all good. But I will recommend the American film ‘Attack’ for you, as the performances are outstanding, and it might be easier to find, Kim.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I’ll have to watch Downfall for sure. I have been a fan of military and western movies my entire life. Both of my sons now serve in the Air Force. The first two mentioned in your post are two of my favorites. Thank you for sharing this again! Take care, Pete! And say hello to Ollie 🐶

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    1. I hope your sons are enjoying their time in the Air Force. We have a very big US air base one hour from us, at Lakenheath, Suffolk. The jets often fly over Beetley!
      Bruno Ganz is unparalleled as Adolf Hitler, and completely mesmerising on screen. ‘Downfall’ is undoubtedly the best film about the final days of Berlin, and unforgettable once watched.
      Ollie is standing next to me as I type, and has received your greeting. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. They are enjoying it. The oldest is in Alaska (8 years in) and youngest in Washington State (5 years). They both plan on staying in until retirement. I miss them and they’re both coming home for the first time in 2 1/2 years. My parents are beyond ecstatic to finally meet their great-grandchildren (this Mom happy too). Finley says hello to Ollie too! Thanks, Pete!

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