Some more films I don’t like

Another 2013 reblog, one that only Eddy has seen before. This time it is a somewhat confrontational post about the type of films I don’t like. If it upsets you, feel free to tell me off in the comments!


I got clean away with the first post on this. Not a comment, no tirade of abuse, no petitioning from fans of LOTR, Harry Potter, and all the other stuff I castigated. I was pleasantly relieved, although I suspect it is just because nobody can be bothered to read it. As a result of this unexpected escape, I decided to have another go, and slam into some more established films, that I think are overrated, pointless, or unnecessary. I have not added clips, as there are too many to choose from!

James Bond Films. In 1962, there may have been understandable justification to make a film like Dr.No. There had been nothing really similar before, and the tongue-in-cheek spy thriller, filmed in exotic locations, was a refreshing change for many. The books had sold well, and though Sean Connery was an unlikely and unconvincing Bond, there was a ready market…

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14 thoughts on “Some more films I don’t like

  1. I only watched the first Harry Potter film, and I literally ended up falling asleep about two-thirds of the way through. I do enjoy the extended edition LOTR films (and have read the books), but I haven’t seen the Hobbit trilogy (the book, which I’ve read, is short compared to the LOTR books, so what was Peter Jackson thinking?). I enjoyed the original Star Wars films (Ep. 4-6), didn’t care for the trilogy that followed (Ep. 1-3), and never bothered to watch the final trilogy (Ep. 7-9) or any of the spin-offs. I’m a fan of the TOS and Next Generation Star Trek films.

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