The Dawn Chorus

This is an online definition of the dawn chorus.

The dawn chorus occurs when birds sing at the start of a new day. In temperate countries this is most noticeable in spring when the birds are either defending a breeding territory, trying to attract a mate, or calling in the flock. In a given location, it is common for different species to do their dawn singing at different times

The reality for me in Beetley is that for the last ten days or so, the birds in the garden have started this while it is still dark. The noise increases in intensity as different birds join in, then comes the cooing of the pigeons, and the squawking of the crows to cap it off.

It goes on for at least an hour until they calm down, by which time I am wide awake, far too early for my liking. On a good day, I might be able to get back to sleep for a couple of hours, but most days I am left awake, knowing it is too early to get up.

No point complaining. It is a delightful thing to have, especially as it is the only sound, and not accompanied by sirens, traffic, trains, or helicopters.

I just wish those birds would have a lie-in occasionally.

43 thoughts on “The Dawn Chorus

  1. One year, we had a mockingbird that “entertained’ us into the wee hours of the night. At one point, I found a long YouTube video that featured mockingbird utterances. I opened the window near the mockingbird’s tree, and mocked the mockingbird with its own mockery.

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    1. As I said in another reply, I think the lockdowns and working from home has made them more numerous, and much more active, David. Or perhaps I am putting out too much bird seed? 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I’m usually sleeping far too heavily to notice the dawn chorus unless the colony seagulls that live on my roof decide to participate.
    I’m lucky to have two collared doves, a host of sparrows, a murmuration of starlings, and a single blackbird in my garden most days, and although they call throughout the day they all kick off together about six pm. There’s a wood pidgeon lurking somewhere but I’ve not seen it.
    The combined noise is quite lovely especially if it doesn’t wake me up.

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  3. Love the dawn chorus. What a nice wake up call. The last couple of days my internet was down so I was not listening to music and with the windows open I got to hear the afternoon chorus. It was so sweet. Just like a bunch of ladies having a good old natter!

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  4. My double glazing keeps out most of the bird sounds, which is a mixed blessing really, but even when I am awake at the appropriate time, I’m not aware of a high level of bird noise, so it doesn’t prevent me from going back to sleep, thankfully; or maybe there aren’t many birds near enough for me to hear them at that time. Cheers, Jon.

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