Some Musical films

Another film post reblog from 2013. This time it features some musicals. Hardly anyone has seen it before, except Eddy and


I am not generally a fan of musicals, especially theatrical ones. I have never seen a Lloyd-Webber, and have nothing good to say about ‘Les Miserables’, or ‘Moulin Rouge’. However, there are some film musicals that I do like, and it is those I recommend here. Most, if not all are well known, so nothing to surprise the reader.

The Producers. This original 1968 version, written and directed by Mel Brooks, still makes me laugh 45 years later. The story is about an unscrupulous Broadway producer (Zero Mostel) duping old ladies into backing a production that is designed to be a failure; then all the backers lose their money, and the producers of the title clean up. At least that is the plan. He recruits a shy accountant (Gene Wilder) to fiddle the books, and buys a sure-fire disaster of a script from a Nazi fanatic, entitled ‘Springtime for…

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19 thoughts on “Some Musical films

  1. I’ve never been a fan of musicals either lol although for some reason when I was a child I was part of two school musical productions (I guess you don’t have a choice there) and I went to see Madam Butterfly when it was the rage.. Just not my thing!

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        1. Sometimes operas are filmed, like ‘M Butterfly’, Carlos Saura’s ‘Carmen’, etc. They usually have the time/location altered, but feature the original music in some form. 🙂
          Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. The only musicals I can watch more than once are ‘Oliver!’ and ‘West Side Story’ because I like the songs. I don’t enjoy going to musicals at the theatre. I think the worst one I ever saw was ‘Legally Blonde’.

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    1. I really enjoyed ‘Chicago’ and ‘Jersey Boys’ on stage in London. They are very lively, and have lots of music without too much ‘script’. I’m less fond of the heavier ‘theatrical’ productions though.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. I did like ‘Phantom of the Opera’, but hated ‘Mamma Mia’. We always used to take my mum to a London musical for her birthday as she loved them, but most of them I could take or leave.

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