Thinking Aloud On a Sunday

Not feeling it.

I woke up not thinking about much at all today. Hardly surprising, as for the past week or so, I am just ‘not feeling it’.

Perhaps it is the unseasonably dull and damp weather? Central heating still on in the last week of May. Lawn grass a foot high, but too wet to mow. Joints aching in the cold and damp. Hips feeling like they have come unscrewed, Voltarol gel on my finger joints to get them moving.

But I am definitely not feeling it.

Little or no interest in writing.

Little or no interest in watching TV or films.

Still zero interest in reading books.

Even my blog has had to trickle along with reblogs of old posts from 2013.

I try to stay perky for Ollie, but walking around holding an umbrella in high winds and driving rain is becoming really boring. The shorts have gone back into the wardrobe, and the rubber boots and heavy coat are in service again.

On the bright side, I haven’t had any mosquito bites.

Hoping to ‘feel it’ again soon, but not holding my breath.

79 thoughts on “Thinking Aloud On a Sunday

  1. I hope your mood is better now.

    The long bad weather and the lockdown are upsetting to everyone. I’ve heard from so many people that they are so listless. And I’m not feeling much better either.

    Today the day started with sunshine. I hope things are looking up now. 🙂
    Best wishes, Irene

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  2. Agreed, Pete! Here it was the same last Sunday! For mowing i am traditionally using a skyte. Therefore its wonderful when the grass is a little damp. Or I would have to get up too early, on the weekend to mow before the dew has dried. ;-)) Best wishes, Michael

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      1. Oh, this one is from my grandpa. It was left on sale an estimated 100 years ago. 😉 When I found the one, in the attic, I really wanted to try it out. It works fantastic, and whoever sees me thinks I’m the grim reaper in person. Lol

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    1. ‘Dashing’. That made me chuckle, Michele. I don’t look very dashing in mud-spattered trousers and big rubber boots, I assure you. 🙂
      It has finally stopped raining this morning, and it is supposed to rise to 21C!
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. I can relate to those feelings, Pete however I am binge watching Films and reblogging or scheduled posts are going out…But the muse has dried up we have rain copious amounts it is now officially wet season albeit welcome and still not cold which is a plus…Hope you get some respite from the awful weather you are soon x

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  4. It seems we are all feeling the same. Today the sun comes out for ten minutes and then the black clouds appear and it pours. We can’t risk a walk to the shops – it would take us an hour and it’s no fun without a dog, anyway. Nothing is much fun at present. I don’t care what we watch on TV. It’s all rubbish except for Pointless ( which I enjoy as we can join in) The news is full of misery and I fall asleep before 10pm. When will Spring arrive?

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  5. Your serials are missed by Sue. I understand with what we are dealing with in the family most of my post are drafts for days past…..just not interested in research these days….hopefully we will pull out of the funk….be well chuq

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  6. We are still waiting for good weather here as well, the forecast makes a depressing site and the past three weeks have only given a few days of sunshine. I can feel your heavy mood, but it will get better 🙂

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    1. The forecast for the next few days is the usual one of grey skies followed by torrential rain for long periods. We are supposed to get some sun and 18C by the end of this week, hopefully.
      Cheers, Pete.

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  7. I’m so sorry Pete! Gloomy weather is the worst! If wine and chocolate aren’t working I recommend buttered popcorn, a bubble bath, with some nice jazz in the background! A margarita goes nice with this, just sayin…C

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    1. Thanks, Cheryl. Britain has been stuck in a rotating weather trough for weeks now. All over the country we have the same dull and wet weather, with circulating rainstorms. It’s not just me, Im sure, as everyone is fed up with it. Some regions had up to four times the average May rainfall in the first two weeks of the month.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Out here in California we haven’t had a drop of rain! Wish we could trade weather patterns! They’re restricting our water now so we’re back to not flushing toilets, keeping a bucket in the shower to catch water for our gardens, and brushing our teeth without water! It’s daunting! Dare I say I’d wish for too much water instead of too little? C

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  8. Sorry to hear it Pete. Our weather took a nosedive here this week too, gray, cold and rainy. Part of living in the Northwest. Fortunately it’s never permanent. The sun will shine again and you’ll feel better! 🙂

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  9. Sorry you’re still “off” Pete. know the feeling, too well. We have the opposite weather here, Summer having slammed into us suddenly, as so often happens. Straight from winter to summer and on the hottest day, our a/c failed. It’s old and must be replaced, butt no one is available, so we must wait till they get around to it. That’s what happens in this part of the world. No one will ever commit themself to anything and you are left guessing. My housemate reacts by freaking out which doesn’t help much! Now we have a fan like a Britannia propeller. What a racket. One has to laugh. What else can one do?
    Feel better soon.

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  10. This weather is definitely not helping our physical and mental well-being. It’s making me miserable and grumpy. I feel like I’m aching more and just can’t be bothered with doing things I would normally do. Also my motivation to blog is also severely hampered. I’m surprised I’m writing this to be honest. I think what I need is to be with people and to socialise. Going to my pub quiz for the first time in twelve months the other day gave me a boost although it seemed strange. Enjoy getting out for your meal and hope you have a better week.

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  11. Too much of rain causes seasonal depression to my father. Since it seems to be the way of life in Beetley, the seasonal depression seems to have set inside your joints. Try a little dancing. Take up Aerobics or Salsa, may be 🤣

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  12. (1) “Lawn grass a foot high, but too wet to mow.” Down in the Florida Everglades, you can pick up a used airboat for a decent price.
    (2) “Joints aching in the cold and damp.” Can I send you some dry, pain-free cannabis?
    (3) “Hips feeling like they have come unscrewed.” This is a common problem. But you can buy a repair kit with coil-type thread inserts that will give your hip bolt holes completely new threads. In order to use them, you have to drill the damaged holes slightly larger so that they can take the thread inserts.
    (4) “But I am definitely not feeling It.” Stephen K. says you’re just clowning around.
    (5) Little or no interesting in writing, watching films, or reading books? Try something exciting like going down in a balsa wood shark cage off the eastern coast of Australia.
    (6) “On the bright side, I haven’t had any mosquito bites.” It’s true that mosquitoes thrive on the dark side. May the force be with you.
    (7) “Holding my breath.” They didn’t give you an aqualung before you sending you down in the shark cage?

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      1. Enjoy your meal. Try going maskless. When you arrive just say “I’ve got an exemption.” Then you’ll be able to walk to your table like it’s 2019. Everyone else in the restaurant will envy you for having the courage to lie and get away with it. It’s so much fun.

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        1. I have waited to eat out since Christmas Day, so I am not chancing being asked to leave mate. I will take it off to eat my food though. I’m a rebel at heart!
          Take care, Keith. x


  13. I think the weather is definitely partly to blame, Pete. It’s dreich and cold here again today after a slightly more hopeful day yesterday when it didn’t actually rain. I hope you feel better soon but in the meantime be kind to yourself.

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  14. It will come back Pete. The general atmosphere in the UK right now is not one conducive to optimism or creativity. We are governed by uncarers, we are surrounded by a pandemic and its hard to see the light but, it always comes back . . be patient mate x

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  15. I understand. I need the sun to feel alive. That´s why we moved to Spain. My husband says I´m solar powered! Hang in there. It should warm up soon in your corner. Give Ollie a snuggle.

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