The Letters

A tremendously poignant piece from Cheryl that many of us can relate to. Beautifully written, and full of genuine emotion.

Living in the Gap

“To write is human, to get mail: Devine!” Susan Lendroth

I didn’t know it would be the last letter I would ever write my Mother, that it would never be delivered, and I would not find it until four years after her death.

Have you ever questioned your understanding of time? How it slips by unnoticed until one day you’re given a blatant reminder, emphasizing our limited time, reminding us not to waste a single moment.

My reminder came right from the grave.

As you know there’s a story behind everything, sometimes the stories are simple, and sometimes they are humorous, but behind most of my stories is my mother, because she is the beginning and the end.

I share this story enmeshed in deep emotion that has nowhere to go but onto the page, receive it gently, with the upmost care, I’m a fragile one today.

…There was no…

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29 thoughts on “The Letters

      1. I still have a note from my dad, written in 1976 to say that he’d just popped out to the library. Mum kept hold of that note for years after he died, and now I’ve got it. She got through the early days of widowhood hanging onto the dream that he’d just popped out to the library.

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        1. Watching my Mom try is continue on with life after my Dad passed was so very difficult. She never shared how hard it actually was on her but we knew. She said to me before she died that my “Dad made her a better person,” I think that’s about the best compliment anyone can give to another person. Warmly, C

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