A Walk In The Sun

No, not a review of the 1945 war film starring Richard Conte and Dana Andrews.

This is a dog-walk in Beetley, in 2021.

After the wettest May since records began, it finally stopped raining yesterday. It stayed overcast and uncomfortably humid though, and I took my umbrella on the walk, conscious of the threatening skies.

But today, we finally woke up to bright sushine, and by 1 pm the temperature was approaching 20 C. (68F)

After weeks of miserable weather, cold mornings, and chilly evenings, it felt rather exotic to see blue skies and feel some real heat in the air.

I could finally ditch the Wellington boots, get my shorts back on, and head out with Ollie wearing some comfortable lightweight shoes. I had almost forgotten what it felt like to feel the heat of the sun after just fifteen minutes of walking. Ollie had too, and he was straight into the river to cool down, the first of three lengthy dips he enjoyed this afternoon.

Over on Hoe Rough, the muddy paths were already drying out, and as long as I kept away from the boggy areas in the shade, the ground was firm enough for brisk walking. Ollie slipped under the fence and down the riverbank for his second time in the water, standing watching children playing in the river by the picnic tables, including a few who had brought along an inflatable boat.

After two full circuits over there, we headed back to Beetley Meadows to complete the walk in the woodland area. But Ollie diverted into the river once again, obviously still feeling the heat. By the time we had been through the woods and he had checked out some deer tracks, he was ready for home, and a big chicken dinner.

55 thoughts on “A Walk In The Sun

  1. I am happy that the weather is finally better with you. We only had about 12 degrees Celsius over the weekend. Ollie is very special. Hardly any warm weather, he’s already going swimming again. 😉 At the chicken dinner he probably thought he was eating a deer. xx

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  2. It seems you and Ollie had a nice walk.
    I really enjoy reading the descriptions of the walks.

    As of today we have sunshine again. 🙂
    Best wishes, Irene

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  3. IN THE NEWS: Authorities questioned a highly suspicious man who was frantically searching the ditches in and around Beetley. Reportedly, the man confessed that he was hoping to find a pair of Wellington boots that a famous local blogger had ditched earlier in the day. After a heated debate among the officers, a decision was finally made to release the suspect on his own recognizance.

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  4. I live in Texas and we had an extremely wet May as well and it did not seem like it was going to let up. I woke up today to a change in the weather forecast and we will have a very Sunny 😎 weeekend. So looking forward to soaking up the Vitamin D!

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