Serial Overview: My Recovery

This was my first ever ‘Guest Serial’. Suggested by my dear blogging friend, Ami, I thought it was a great idea.

It also saved me writing a daily episode!

Although I posted it in the ‘Fiction’ category, it was immediately apparent to everyone that this was a true story of endurance in the face of a dire medical condition that almost took the life of a young woman.

Even though I knew how Ami was now, I read each episode with the same fears and worries as everyone else.

Not having to write it did mean that I made one mistake, that of posting one episode out of sequence. Although I deleted it as soon as Ami made me aware, I apologise to anyone who was confused by reading the parts out of order. I divided almost all of the episodes Ami sent me into two parts, to shorten them, and hopefully make them easier to read. On a couple of occasions, I posted the longer, full episode, as it seemed to be the right thing to do at that stage in the story.

Despite not attracting many comments, something not unusual with serials, it was obvious from the start that it had a regular readership, with 95-100 views consistently for each part over the course of a week. If I take 95 as the lowest daily number, it achieved a total of 2,280 views for the 24 parts. Add in the extra views for the ‘reveal post’ and I am sure it will reach 2,500 views by the end of next week, if not more.

I would like to thank Ami for her hard work and patience sending me each part by email, and checking that I had it in the right order. As well as caring for baby Daisy, she had some serious issues with her dog Molly close to the end of the serial, but she came up with the final episode and the reveal post bang on time.

We make friends in this blogging community, and I am pleased to count Ami among those. She lives quite a short drive from me in Beetley, so I hope that we will meet up one of these days. Despite our huge age difference, we are good friends through blogging, and I have great respect for her as a writer, and for the way she has tackled numerous issues surrounding the treatment of disabled people in this country.

On a personal note, I would like to thank everyone who read the serial, left comments, and shared on social media. And not least dear Ami, for opening up her life, her darkest moments, and her recovery, for us all to read.

It is as times like this that I am reminded why I love blogging so much.

23 thoughts on “Serial Overview: My Recovery

  1. Pete -and Ami – The story was so moving and I read every word with great suspense. <It is a story of suffering, but of great courage too-it was also a love story and a mystery. Pete, you did a great thing, sharing this. Ami, you did a great thing, in writing it..

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  2. I don’t know where to begin Pete, this made me tear up! Thank you so so much for sharing my story on your blog, it literally was a spur of the moment idea and I wasn’t expecting such positive feedback. Its definitely boosted my confidence with writing more about my story. Molly is improving each day, she’s got more of a spring in her step now. My love and best wishes to you, Julie and Ollie! Hope you’re enjoying the lovely weather 🙂

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    1. It was a pleasure to feature your exceptionally well-written story, Ami.
      Glad to hear that Molly is on the mend too.
      I have been mowing the lawn at long last! 🙂
      Best wishes to you all, Pete. x

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  3. Well, I admire Ami for talking of such immensely personal events, so well done her. And for you for posting so people beyond Ami’s blogging community

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  4. Just to say that when it came to commenting on the episodes, what on earth could I say? There was just this sense of being drawn in, of sharing something very deep, very personal. Even pressing ‘like’ seemed somehow strange.

    I suspect it’s something those of us who have read it will remember for a long time

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  5. I found it difficult to comment on the episodes Pete, but was so relieved to read that Ami and her family pulled through. Little Daisy must have seen like a miracle after all that. I hope you do get to meet up soon. 😊

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