Hunting ‘Bambi’

On Sunday’s dog-walk, it was one of those perfect days. A temperature of 21C (70F) made even more pleasant by a gentle easterly breeze, just enough to move the long grass.

With 90% of the area now dry ground, and no need for boots, Ollie and I made a few tours of Beetley Meadows, then twice around Hoe Rough. He only went into the river once to drink, and didn’t seem to be feeling the heat at all.

The whole area was unusually quiet, leading me to suspect that most people had headed to the nearby coastal resorts, or decided to have family time and barbecues in their gardens.

When we got back and started to head for the woodland area, I saw some other dog walkers. A family with a small poodle cross, and a man with a terrier. Then in the middle of the widest path, bold as brass, we all saw a young deer, nibbling happily at something by the edge. It had long, spindly legs and big eyes that made me think of Disney’s Bambi. It surely had no idea about where it was, and showed no fear of me as I approached.

But then all three dogs spotted it, and the hunt was on!

Although the dogs didn’t know each other, pack mentality took over, and they rushed off together barking, yapping, and yelping.

Fortunately for the juvenile deer, instinct kicked in, and it took off bounding gracefully, easily outstripping the three dogs as it jumped the three-bar fence back into the woodland.

We were left with three frustrated and panting dogs, who had participated in a very short and fruitless hunt.

49 thoughts on “Hunting ‘Bambi’

  1. The hunt for the elusive deer who bounded away may have been a bit frustrating from the human standpoint but it sounds like the dogs had a wonderful time of comradery and adventure. It is stories like these that make me feel sometimes like to be a dog at the hands of a loving master might be a marvelous thing.

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    1. Thanks, John. The life of a dog can be very good, as long it has a caring family. Sadly, so many dogs are left alone for hours, walked for five minutes, and then more or less ignored. I often wonder why many people get them in the first place.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. It’s only a small rural village, Robbie. The nearest town of any size is almost 4 miles south. We have a lot of deer at the moment, even more since the lockdowns. I saw three today, in a small woodland area. But Ollie was too hot to chase them. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. I’m relieved they didn’t catch up with the deer. I hate seeing dogs chase animals. BTW did you ever find out what happened to that blogging friend of yours – Michael was it?


  3. (1) Because he’s so frisky, Bambi’s situation was not risky.
    (2) He may look frail and effeminate, but Bambi is not namby-pamby.
    (3) A beer chugging buddy of mine claims it takes six to make a pack.
    (4) Deerly departed: Bambi lives!

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  4. We have a lot of urban deer, wandering along the many wooded areas along rivers and streams, or in the parks. They will often venture into yards where people feed them, or to help themselves to the garden buffets.

    They are beautiful creatures, and mesmerizing when you come across them and hold their gaze before they bound away.

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    1. They don’t usually come near people or houses in this area, though they do that in some more urban areas in England. We think their recent boldness is because of the lack of human activity during lockdowns.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. We have a lot of deer here, too many for the space available, sadly and there is a hunting season but of course it is not permitted on my land or any of the adjacent land, so I like to think we have a sort of sanctuary, but of course the deer don’t know about boundaries. All too often they get hit by cars which can be devastating. They are a joy to see, especially when they are young and frisky. But they can take off like a shot and that’s how I like it to be. With patience we could probably befriend them but they need to remain afraid of us. I think you have roe deer? Ours are white-tailed.

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  6. For all it’s been sunny here over the weekend [hallelujah!], the easterly breeze has been very chilly, and the coast has had some sea fret to contend with, so not perfect, but definitely a lot better than of late! Cheers, Jon.

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    1. That breeze was welcome here, but I can imagine it felt chilly on the coast that far north. I sat out in the garden during the early evening, and that started to feel ‘nippy’ by 6:30 pm.
      Best wishes, Pete.


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