Apologies For A WordPress Glitch

I have to break my rule of not posting so much to let you know that many comments from regular blogging friends have gone astray.

I was about to empty my Spam and Trash folders earlier, and I was shocked to find 45 genuine comments had been dumped in there by WordPress. I have just had to manually approve and reply to them all. If you left a comment that I did not acknowledge, the chances are it has been trashed and deleted by WordPress, definitely not by me!

Apologies to everyone who kindly left a comment, then must have thought I had completely ignored it. It wasn’t my fault, and seems to be yet another of those random WP glitches that cause me so much annoyance and frustration.

Anyone wondering my my replies have come so late now knows the answer.

My suggestion to you all is to quickly check both Spam and Trash folders.

Comments from your blogging friends may have been dumped there without you knowing.

43 thoughts on “Apologies For A WordPress Glitch

  1. This is all a mystery. As you know, comments on my blog, rather than going into spam, seem to disappear into the ether for a while and then just become visible after a while, creating plenty of confusion among people who comment, as they never know if they have actually commented or not. Here, when someone tells a joke and people take a while to laugh (perhaps because it isn’t that funny, or because it is far too clever, and it takes time to process) they say it is “de efecto retardado” (delayed effect). I guess that’s the problem with my blog, but not sure about yours. The WordPress Inquisition at work? Or a very eager cleaner?

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    1. It seems that WP had a ‘bad day’ for some reason. It happened that day, and not since. I am convinced that things like that happen when they are ‘tinkering’ behind the scenes. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. I have a lot of stuff that goes to my spam folder as well even when I mark it as not spam. I do not know why this keeps
    Happening or how to fix it. I now make a habit of checking my spam at least once a week

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  3. That hasn’t happened to me, but I have been getting loads of new post email notifications dumped into my spam folder. I’m not sure if it is WP or my email provider at fault – I suspect WP, as it has happened before and I think there must be something in their email profile which falls foul of the spam checker. A pain in the proverbial!

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  4. It sometimes happens to me, too, and – like you – I don’t see why. It sometimes – but rarely – happens in my regular email account. I agree: it IS annoying.

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    1. Yes, having to ‘rescue’ 45 genuine bloggers from Spam and Trash is no fun, Pit.
      And I have no way of knowing how many others may have already been ‘trashed’ by WP.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. I don’t think WP deletes comments altogether, even if it puts them into the trash folder, but it’s way too easy for us bloggers to overlook “good” comments there or in the spam folder. That has happened to me sometimes.

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    1. On your Admin page, you can scroll down to the bottom. On the left hand side, you will see Spam and Trash with with numbers in brackets. Or if you go on the ‘Comments’ section, it is there also.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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