Video: Another London Walk

My friend Antony has sent me another very interesting video from Joolz, the London tour guide. This time, he walks around Fitzrovia, delving into the fascinating history of the area, and some of the quirky shops and buildings too. I often walked through those streets to get to work, and as I lived close to the Post Office Tower which is seen in the film, it brought back a lot of memories for me.

If you ever visit London, you might never see this district, but it is so close to some of the traditional tourist sights, it is worth a short diversion.

The clip is just over twenty minutes long.

24 thoughts on “Video: Another London Walk

  1. Brings back good memories, I have seen a few of his videos on you tube, Tower to Wapping along the river one of my favorites (yes for the pubs)

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  2. I’ll have to watch this Pete so I can walk the streets you once did and admire the beauty! I’d love to visit London~longer than just landing and taking off there when I flew to Egypt one year. Take care!

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