Ollie And My Office

Most days, I spend a fair bit of time in the small third bedroom. It no longer has a bed in it, just some bookcases, a big desk with my PC on it, and the second hand office chair I have enjoyed sitting in for some years now. The room is always referred to as ‘The Office’.

Ollie likes to be within reach of me at all times, so when I go and sit down in the office, he follows me and lies down on the carpet twelve inches from my chair. Once he realises I am going to be in there for some time, he generally goes to sleep, snoring noisly next to me as I type.

It didn’t take my dog very long to start to identify what he obviously thinks of as ‘signals’.

Me: Moves chair back to reach something behind me.
Ollie: Stands up immediately, no longer asleep. Are we going out now?

Me: Opens a drawer in the desk to find a pen, charging cable, or notebook.
Ollie: Stands up, tail wagging. We must be going out now!

Me: Closes drawer, slides chair back in and resumes typing.
Ollie: Slumps back down. False alarm, we’re not going out yet. Immediately asleep again.

Me: Decide to have another coffee. Stand up and head for the kitchen.
Ollie: Jumps up and follows. He’s heading for the back door, must be time to go out.

Me: Gets a cup and switches on kettle.
Ollie: Slumps down in the kitchen doorway. Looks like we are not going out after all.

Me: Decide to start on the draft for tomorrow’s serial episode.
Ollie: Enough is enough! He’s getting my chin on his leg!

Me: “Come on then, let’s take you out”.

67 thoughts on “Ollie And My Office

        1. I’m at home with Ollie every day, and always have been since we got him. He only ever gets left for a couple of hours if we go shopping, or out for a meal. But he still likes to be close to me, even when he knows I’m not leaving the house. 🙂

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    1. He has a very good grasp of my routine, and he sets his own routine around it perfectly. Of course, unlike me, he doesn’t need a clock to tell him when it is time for something. He just knows! 🙂
      Best wishe,s Pete.

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  1. Here, one of our kitties, Sister Fidelma, has taken a liking to living in the “office” and quite a few times making a nuisance – but a loved nuisance – of herself. 😉

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  2. MoMo is the same…..always listening for those signals….when I turn om the coffee maker in the morning it is time to go out…..she hears the plastic wrap….then it is bone time…..so I know exactly what you mean….she owns me…..LOL chuq

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  3. Ollie‘s reactions are similar to one of my cats‘, only with food! 🙂 The moment I get up, or so much as move in the direction of the kitchen, he‘s there like a shot, expectation personified. „Surely this MUST mean it‘s dinner time??“

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    1. Wow! Seems like your cat knows what to expect. I’m sure, the next move would be to rub itself against your legs reminding you of its presence in the kitchen, and hence, your next action item…cat food.

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      1. He certainly does that, but it‘s of no use, because his making for the kitchen isn‘t so much a reaction from knowing what to expect but rather (similar to what Pete describes about Ollie and hoping they’ll be going out for a walk) the fact that he doesn‘t want to believe there could possibly any *other* reason for me to move about my home than to procure food for him. Which means that in 90+% of all cases he‘s flat out wrong, but that‘s not the slightest damper on his unbreakable optimism! 🙂

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          1. That‘s definitely his motto in life — not just with regard to food. I‘ve never met a cat (scratch that, make it *any* animal) who was so completely unable to imagine life ever being anything other than a complete bed of roses … with humanity‘s chief role, of course, being that of provider of all creature comforts. That boy has had one charmed childhood — and before you ask, no, it wasn‘t me who provided it!

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    2. Ollie is not so bad with food, as he knows he gets his dinner when we come back from his walk. But he does love to go on those walks, so will get restless when I move in case it is walk time. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Sunny (my cat — and yes, he‘s named for his nature) knows perfectly well when it‘s feeding time, too; cats have an astonishingly accurate internal clock, and when it really *is* feeding time, both he *and* his brother whizz to the kitchen the moment I so much as move in that direction. (Or move, period.) Sunny just refuses to believe I could be going there for any other purpose. I‘m pretty sure if he were a dog, he‘d be like Ollie about walks, too. 😀

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  4. Our third bedroom is an office too, but it’s Sam’s. I sit downstairs with my computer in our living room, and he’s up there with his conference calls and customer meetings. Sometimes we send each other emails, lol.

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    1. Yes, Julie never comes into the office. She calls it ‘Pete’s Office’, and she sits on her phone or tabet on the other side of the wall in the living room. 🙂
      (It’s a bungalow, so now downstairs.)
      Best wishes, Pete.

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