More Birds Than Ever

We have always been lucky to have a variety of birds in the back garden. I put bread out for them, and in the past I have also added various seeds and fat balls on the feeders. However, this year I bought a huge sack of specialist bird seed, and we decided to put some out in a small bowl on a glass-topped side table that sits on the grass next to the patio area.

Whether it was the ease of access to the seed, the lockdown making the birds feel safer, or the recent change in the weather conditions, I don’t know. But the bird life in the garden has exploded, with birds arriving in numbers and varieties never seen before.

As well as the usual Wood Pigeons, Robins, nesting Blue Tits, and Blackbirds, there are some days when the grass is literally covered in birds of all sizes. Sparrows, Wrens, Starlings, Greenfinches, Collared Doves, Thrushes, Long-Tailed Tits, Jays, Magpies, and even on one occasion, two large Seagulls. Some noisy Crows like to visit early in the morning, and I could do without them waking me up.

It is a real delight to see them all though, even if I need to refill the bowl at least three times a day. Many have become so used to me being out there, they no longer fly away when I appear. And they all tolerate Ollie as he patrols around, knowing he will not chase them or harm them.

With the weather set to stay warm for a while, I really hope this influx of bird visitors continues.

57 thoughts on “More Birds Than Ever

    1. I haven’t yet seen any I didn’t know the names of yet. All of those listed are very common birds in Britain, Wilma. But it is good to have all those different types visiting over the course of a few days.
      Best wishes, Pete.


    1. We rarely have gulls here, Janet. The wood pigeons do eat more than their fair share, that’s true. But they make so much mess, the small birds cear up everything that gets scattered on the table or the grass underneath.
      Best wishes, Pete.


    1. We have a Greenfinch on the front window all day. It keeps tapping the window as it sits on the sill. I think it can see the reflection in the glass, and believes it to be another bird. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete. x


  1. It’s wonderful that you have so many birds and such a variety. We have a lot here too and I never tire of watching them or listening to their various calls. We have hummingbirds as well during the summer, such amazing little things. I am always in awe of birds. They are very smart.

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      1. Yes, it’s probably the ease of access, as you mentioned. We have three feeders in our backyard. We also put out birdseed in three or four terracotta saucers. The birds flock to the saucers—even though they get challenged there by the squirrels, who can’t get to the specialized “squirrel-proof” feeders.

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  2. This is a lovely story, and as a fellow bird lover, I applaud you work in making ‘friends’ with the birds round your place! I live in a different country, on the opposite side of the world, and though some of the regular birds you have, I have quite a few unknown around where you live. Watching and listening to the birds around my place brings me much enterainment, and even joy!

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