Blog Features, Guest Posts, and Promotions

As regular readers know, I have been ‘easing off’ posting too many things on my blog recently. Although my daily serial is still published, I try to cut back on other posts.

This could be good news for the rest of you, as I now have more time for guest posts, book promotions, and blog features.

If you are a blogger in this community and have a book to promote, let me know.

If you are a new blogger who follows me and want to submit a guest post to potentially increase your audience, then let me know.

If you would like your blog to be featured here so that more readers get to know about you, let me know.

Send an email to me at, and I will reply with the basic ‘rules’.

(If you have been featured here previously, that is not an issue. You can be featured again.)

**Companies and Sellers/Marketeers/SEO etc, please note. YOU WILL NOT QUALIFY!**

32 thoughts on “Blog Features, Guest Posts, and Promotions

  1. I have to excuse for another delay, Pete! Dont hurry up, like me. 😉 Now, i am so happy with the reopening of my selfhosted blog. Some cookies and this at least wonderful Jetpack-engine are not allowed in Germany. Its a very strong interpretation of the GDPR-blueprint. ;-( xx Michael

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  2. What a generous offer, Pete! I’m sure you’ll get many takers. I’m not doing much blogging myself these days, and I am going to be taking a blogging break soon, but I take note. Thanks again and stay well!

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