Small Stories (1)

His eyebrows raised as he looked out of the side window.

So, next door’s eldest son had a new car? Not only the same as his, but the updated model.

It could only be around a year old, and that made it six months newer than his.

Look at him washing and polishing it so proudly.

The laptop open, he checked his online banking. Yes! Just enough.

Tomorrow, he would visit the dealership and trade his car in for the very latest version.

That would show him.

Might even get it in metallic black.

48 thoughts on “Small Stories (1)

    1. We already have some electric car owners here, Michael. One neighbour has a Nissan Leaf, another a Tesla. I have to be more careful when crossing the street, as they make no sound. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. I often YouTube old comedy, and you are right, most of it has lost its edge 🙂 And of course much of the humour back then would be considered unsuitable or offensive to someone or another.

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