How many trees can you eat?

Jim adds some commonsense and home truths to the Carbon Removal debate. And he’s right. As much as I love trees, you can’t eat them.

Jim Webster

It’s a lot of years ago now. My father and I went on this farm walk organised by the Country Landowners Association. In some parts of the England and Wales, the CLA seems to have a preponderance of major estates and landowners, and in other parts of England and Wales most of its members are small farmers.

I think I was about sixteen at the time. What happened was that one of the big local estates (Holker) had had a tenant retire and were wondering what to do with the farm they’d now got to worry about.

So they had the walk, split us into groups and asked each group what they’d do with the farm. Which is as good a way to go about this sort of thing as any I suppose. But at sixteen what fascinated me was how the groups could be sorted by eye. The farmers…

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29 thoughts on “How many trees can you eat?

  1. I’m sure Jim knows what he’s talking about [better then 99% of politicians, that’s for sure], but I just end up confused by all the statistics, so in the end, I just switch off, which is craven, of course, but my poor old brain can only stand so much………. 😉 Cheers, Jon.

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  2. Tree make good toothpicks. 🙂

    (Split my old blog into two.. just doing a re-follow post here, Pete. The older one, is just personal meanderings… all the politics is now at… )

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      1. Doing well, Pete, and I hope you and the little lady.. and Ollie are doing well also. Nice of you to follow.. although it’s mostly U.S. politics… sorry ’bout that. I’ve just been busy here.. and then got more incensed with the political climate and the pandemic so rather than calling a shrink I expend therapy time blogging/venting online. 🙂
        (and.. I still have your addy and still want to send something your way.. hopefully when I get my ass in gear here.)

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  3. One may not be able to eat trees, but then one needs to avoid the plight of Easter Islanders–they cut down all their trees! While it was not for profit as we know profit, it was for the gain of more statues. I guess I would leave the trees just for having trees. (I feel the same way about elephants and a whole ark full of creatures).
    Warmest regards, Theo

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    1. I would leave the trees alone too, Theo. But I think this is more about the change of use of good arable land to plant extra trees for companies to offset possible ‘Carbon Taxes’ in years to come. So I think Jim makes his point well. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.


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