Won’t Be Around Today

Good morning everyone. Just to let you know that I won’t be posting anything or reading other blogs today. There will be no serial episode, and no activity from me. If I recover later, I will try to catch up.

I had a very bad night feeling unwell, with perhaps three hours of broken sleep from 11 last night until 8 This morning.

Now I have taken some more painkillers and had a hot drink, I am going back to bed. Julie is going to take Ollie out for me later, if I can’t manage it.

103 thoughts on “Won’t Be Around Today

  1. Well then, came late to the news. Glad to see improvement. Good choice of activities Pete. Did you know that our bodies supposedly do most of the healing whilst asleep? Prayers answered.

    And more prayers for a full recovery upon the ‘morrow.


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  2. Sleep definitely helps! I have been unwell for three weeks now and been having regular afternoon naps which is so unlike me! But painkillers combined with antibiotics knock me out. Hope you are back to normal soon Pete.

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    1. Sorry to hear you have been ill for three weeks, Jude. I just had a bad night, and took today ‘off’ to get over it. I should be fine by tomorrow.
      Best wishes, Pete. x


        1. I think it was caused by eating a very spicy meal last night, to be honest. I ended up with pain radiating from my stomach around my back, and that made it impossible to sleep comfortably. Since getting up this afternoon, I am feeling much better.
          Best wishes, Pete.

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