Serial Review: A Good Runner

My recent serial ‘A Good Runner’ has now ended. As usual, I like to offer an overview of how it was conceived, and how well it was received by readers. Those of you contemplating writing a daily fiction serial might like to know about that, but if you have no interest in such things, feel free to skip this post.

The idea came about as I was walking Ollie to Hoe Rough. Crossing the bridge at Fakenham Road, I saw an old car driving toward us. It dated from the 1950s, and was immaculate. The man driving was relatively young, and that made me think about who might have owned the car from new, and the many hands it might have passed through over the decades.

By the time Ollie’s walk was over, I had the idea for the serial, and the last episode in my head. I came home and made some notes, then started Part One by working back from the ending to the first person to buy the car new. I set the start of my story in the 1960s, a period very familiar to me from my youth.

This serial was very well-received, and generated quite a lot of comments for each episode. It also enjoyed a consistent readership, with a minimum of 110 views every day, up to a maximum of 140 views (so far) for the final episode.

Allowing for an average of 115 views for each of the 35 episodes, that gives me a total of 4,025 views for the serial, and some are still coming in for that last part.

I will soon be publishing all those episodes as one complete story, for those of you who prefer to read it as a novella.

Thanks to everyone who read, commented, and liked. Also to those who reblogged, or shared any part of it on social media.

Best wishes, Pete.

25 thoughts on “Serial Review: A Good Runner

  1. This serial was definitely a good runner, Pete 🙂 It made me remember one of your previous serials, Little Annie, about the doll that had been passed through generations. The part about little Angela really hit home for me, pulled on my heart strings, but I’m over the moon that she can have the surgery 🙂 Another stellar serial, Pete!

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    1. Thanks for your kind words, Ami. I’m glad you remembered Little Annie. That also had a construction of moving through time, though in the case of that story, it went backwards. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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