Farewell Windows 10

I saw this yesterday on Twitter. It was the first I had heard about it.

Windows UK
The new Windows 11 is coming on 5th October to bring you closer to what you love. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a total film lover, you can find your favourite apps, films, and games more quickly and easily in the new Microsoft Store.

In April 2020, I bought a new PC after the old one running Windows 7 started to break down. Now after just 18 months, Windows 10 is to be replaced before I had even managed to fully understand it!

Microsoft is apparently offering a free upgrade, but only if my current PC ‘meets the requirements’ to download it. If not, it seems likely I will be having to consider replacing a perfectly working PC sometime next year.

Planned obsolescene strikes again. So much for Microsoft’s carbon footprint.

57 thoughts on “Farewell Windows 10

  1. Last time I did the free upgrade with Windows 10 it didn’t have the sound card which I had on windows 7 and now they wanted me to pay again so I uninstalled it and had windows 7 for a few more years after that so the free upgrade actually wasn’t…I will be warier this time and I have only just been dragged kicking and screaming away from Windows 7 and now they have another one they just want us to test to test their system…sigh x

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  2. Microsoft’s problem is that it has an absolute monopoly and customers have to adapt to the company’s stringent choices. As an alternative there is apple which however has very high prices or linux, which however is not within everyone’s reach

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    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Gabriele. I could not justify the price of the equivalent Apple PC, and I am not very technical when it comes to installing and using the Linux OS.
      Best wishes, Pete.


      1. Ours have been used by the grandkids who are very skilled at movies and recordings of music they compose. I just like the ease of the whole system. Yes they are spendy and if I had started with PC I might still be using them.

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  3. Like Pit, I will stay with the Windows 10 that is on my old laptop, till the end of support for it. The laptop and my new custom desktop I built last year won’t run Windows 11 if I wanted to.

    Microsoft, in my opinion, decided to make this move to boost sales of windows on a new machine of any type. Desktop sales have been down the last couple of years, so the licensing revenue needs a boost. They are now requiring TPM (Trusted Platform Module. It’s simply a chip on your motherboard (if your board even has it) that stores a cryptographic key to use to fight malware, etc. My brand-new board from last year doesn’t have TPM as I didn’t need it. I run Linux and wasn’t needed. TPM had been around for years (since 2011) so why would they just now decide you need it.

    For many systems, you can buy a TPM chip that might plug into your board.
    A post on July of this year “Also, it seems that prices for TPMs have increased since the Windows 11 unveiling. An Asus TPM, which sold for $14 on Amazon, has, as of this publishing, sold out and is selling for more than $40 on the used market. Some manufacturers have also stopped production of TPMs, but it’s likely that production may start up again given the recent surge in demand. ”

    From all I have read over the last few months, Windows 11 has very few new things. Basically Windows 10 with a few more “features” like an upgraded Notepad and some new news tiles etc.

    “Microsoft gave us Windows.
    Linux, gave us the whole house.”

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  4. I’ll stay with 10 [on my laptop] until their support for that version ends. On my desktop, I even have 8.1 and am happy with it. I’ve never switched to new Windows versions the moment they came out. I prefer to let others do the testing. 😉

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  5. Don’t worry Pete, the laptop I am using now was bought with windows 7, upgraded to 8 and then 10 and it still works well after more than 8-years. Sadly it wont cut the mustard for windows 11, but then there is no need to change quite just yet as others have pointed out.

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  6. Don’t worry, Pete. I’m just about to have my laptop upgraded to Windows 10 and saw something about Windows 11. Jon said it will be years before computers will be able to upgrade and use Windows 11 so you can go on learning to use Windows 10 for years to come 🙂

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    1. That’s interesting, Mary. Thanks to Jon for that information. I also got an email from Hewlett Packard suggesting that after the 5th of October Windows 10 will be ‘outdated’, and I should consider buying a W11 PC. Of course, they would say that. What does Jon think about taking the free upgrade if and when it is available to me?
      Best wishes, Pete.

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