Family Fame! My Cousin’s Pumpkin

The famous Chelsea Flower Show in London had to be moved to September this year, because of the pandemic restrictions. That meant some autumnal things could feature for the first time ever, including pumpkins.

My young cousin Ben White lives in Essex, where he grows a lot of things both in his garden, and in large polytunnels rented on land nearby. One of the things he likes to grow every year is a giant pumpkin. This year, his whopper was accepted for inclusion in the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show.

Getting it down to London was no easy task.

Once in place, it fast became the talking point of the whole show. He was interviewed by most newspapers, and on the radio too. And many people wanted to be photographed with the now-famous pumpkin, including celebrities. (Ben is the young man in the centre of the photo.)

To get some more idea of the size, one show visitor added her baby, which rested quite happily on the pumpkin.

Well done to Ben for that great achievement!

84 thoughts on “Family Fame! My Cousin’s Pumpkin

    1. He cared for it lovingly, Carolyn. It might end up in the front garden of his house, where it attracts many visitors. The seeds are used for more giant pumpkins, but the fruit is not nice to eat, apparently.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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