Vitamin B: An Update

In June, I wrote this post about taking Vitamin B tablets to ward off biting insects.

Vitamin B, and Biting Insects

Three months later, and close to the end of ‘the biting season’, I have a very positive update.

Since publishing that post, I have had just FOUR insect bites, including the one mentioned in June. Compare this to the regular 3-4 bites I used to get almost every day, even when I was wearing some heavy-duty insect repellent.

Regular readers will know that I walk my dog Ollie every day without fail. Those walks include a long riverside path, as well as woodland areas in the shade. Both of those locations are favoured by the usual midges and mosquitoes that have always craved my blood.

Even though I have still been able to see and hear those insects over the past three months, I have been unaware of any bites whatsoever, while out in the countryside. In fact, I am sure the four bites I did receive were done at night in the bedroom, when I was asleep.

Whatever bit me must have been desperate, and ready to overcome the effect that Vitamin B has on my skin.

My conclusion is that the experiment has been a SUCCESS, and I will continue to keep taking my daily tablet of Vitamin B. Especially as a year’s supply only cost me £7.99.

57 thoughts on “Vitamin B: An Update

  1. I upped my Marmite consumption and seem to have had similar results. Its a B6 revolution…..although I met one guy who had started taking Vit B supplements and his wife said that he started to smell a bit funny, he also had a nice orange tinge to his skin (think Trump) so me warned 🙂

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  2. It’s getting to the end of bug season now but I will remember to try this next year. Biting insects make life outdoors miserable and I am very sensitive to their sting which brings me up in welts. Glad it works for you!

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  3. So glad it worked for you. I added B to my regime yet I currently am over 30 mosquito bites. I went to the doc yesterday and she recommended Avon’s Skin So Soft. Nothing works well for me. My latest trial, which has had some success, is lathering myself with coconut oil infused with peppermint oil. I smell like a candy bar, but the mosquitos don’t seem to like it.

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    1. Lauren, I used 20 bottles of Avon skin so soft. It left me with very soft skin, between the bites! 🙂 I cannot guarantee that Vitamin B will work for everyone, but it is cheap to buy, and has no side effects. In fact, it is good for you, and better than chemical repellents. It took a couple of weeks to build up in me, I reckon, and during that time I had just one bite.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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