Free Screen Recorder

(I get nothing for recommending this)

I recently downloaded some free software that records what you are looking at on your computer screen. (PC, Laptop, Tablet, etc.)

iTop Screen Recorder
iTop Screen Recorder is a simple and easy-to-use screen recorder with a light built-in video editor. It enables easy screen recording, screen capture, and video editing.

This can be useful for watching You Tube videos without downloading them, recording Zoom calls and meetings online, and any other use you can think of. It is not a scam, as it is provided by 10-Bit, the company I use for my PC Cleaner, and anti-malware monitoring.

It’s possible that some of you might be interested in this, so here are some links.

21 thoughts on “Free Screen Recorder

  1. Thanks, Pete. I’ve seen a few of these recommended, but I haven’t checked this one. (There is an option within Windows, using the Game Bar, but it is a bit limited). Thanks for sharing it!

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