My Latest Camera: First Impressions And Some Photos

As some readers may recall, I recently bought another camera, a secondhand Panasonic LX100 Compact.

It took me some time to actually remember to take the camera out on a walk, so with the benefit of a bright and windy afternoon yesterday, I put the camera into the pocket of my fleece jacket, and set off on the usual walk with Ollie. I took 50 photos, and these are the seven I have chosen to show you.

They have all been uploaded to Flickr, so clicking on them will take you to the photo on that site. Using the magnifier icon, you can enlarge them greatly on there, and move around them too. They are all standard j-pegs from the camera, with no post-processing applied.

An impressively large lone mushroom, spotted on Beetley Meadows.

The cap of the same mushroom.

A black and white version.
Black and White Mushroom

The river bend at Beetley Meadows.

Ollie on the riverbank.

Ollie standing in the river.

A fallen Silver Birch, in the woodland area.

My impressions of using the camera? Well, let’s say it has pros and cons, like anything.

*It is very light. Despite metal parts, it sat easily in my jacket pocket, was unobtrusive, and the weight was hardly noticeable.
*All the main controls are set using dials and buttons, so no need to explore the electronic menu whilst taking photos.
*The electronic shutter is completely silent, very useful in some situations.
*Zoom action from the 24mm-75mm lens is smooth, especially using the lever around the shutter button.
*Buffering to load the image onto the Pro-spec memory card was almost immediate.
*The electronic viewfinder shows all the information I need, and gives a completely accurate representation of the final photo.
*The Leica lens renders true images as seen in the viewfinder.

*Focusing is not perfect. I had 3 completely out of focus images from the 50 taken, and changing the setting around the lens to Macro focusing made very little difference to the close-ups of the mushroom.
*The small size of the camera can make it fiddly to hold and use. My hands are comparatively small, and I was still able to inadvertantly move dials or press buttons. This size also makes it potentially easy to drop, so I had bought a Paracord wrist strap and attached it before taking the camera out.
*The Panasonic 1-inch processor chip seems to favour browns and greens, with little colour ‘pop’ on brighter colours.

So, all in all, I am very happy. If you can find one of these old-model cameras for less than £250, I recommend you consider buying it.

70 thoughts on “My Latest Camera: First Impressions And Some Photos

    1. Thanks, Beth. That area is only 200 yards from our front door, and Ollie’s favourite place to walk, as he often sees his friends there. Sorry about those WP glitches, and I appreciate you coming back again. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. Lovely photos, Pete. Adorable Ollie is looking splendid in high age, bless him.
    I followed the link to Flickr; how does this work? You upload them to Flickr and then? Do you link the photos to your blog not using the WP Mediathek and automatically making a detour around the limited space?
    Best wishes to you and Ollie from the stormy coast, we are off to look at the waves now. 🙂
    Dina Xx

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    1. Exactly that. By using the individual photo url from Flickr as a link between the text, it does not count against your space allowance on WordPress, and does not appear in your media file. I was told about it by an American blogger, and have only just got around to using that method. Flickr also gives full technical information about the photo, so I don’t have to remember that. 🙂
      Love, Pete and Ollie. X


    1. Some of the best photos are taken on phones by people who just point them and click the button. I like to fiddle around with the settings because it’s my hobby.
      Glad you liked the pics of Ollie.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Thanks, Theo. I am pleased with it for the portability, physical knobs and buttons, and nice the lens. But I am glad I didn’t pay over £600 for it when it was first launched.
      (I actually had it in my ‘basket’ online, then took it out. 🙂 )
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Thank you Pete. Ollie is a grand looking doggie. Some time back you mentioned bare shelves in the UK grocery stores. Well, it’s happening here now. Our gov says its because of the supply chain backup in the sea ports and lack of trucks. Are things any better in UK?

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        1. They have stabilised now. We also had no petrol in service stations, but that has come back. Naturally, they took the excuse to increase prices! We do have a backlog of imports at container terminals though, with certain toys and Christmas items in short supply.


  2. I love the pictures of Ollie. And also appreciate your review of the camera. My Sony RX10 is still my favorite but occasionally freezes up. I give up trying to figure out why. I’m thinking the Lumix will be my next camera.

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        1. Just get a wrist strap for the smaller camera. I actually use them on all 4 cameras I have active. Even on the heaviest one, they are so much better than shoulder/neck straps.
          These are so cheap, and very strong.
          Maveek, set of 3 from Amazon £6.99 in the UK.

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  3. It looks like it does take very good pictures, Pete. Thanks for the review.
    With my “little Nikon”, the A1000, I have problems with the auto-focus. It sometimes doesn’t focus properly on the main motif, and I have not yet been able to change that. I like that camera, though, just because it’s small and I can take it with me even in the pocket of my bicycling jerseys and because it’s very versatile, with a really wide zoom range and the ability to save pictures in JPEG as well as in RAW format, abd because it also can take 4K videos.

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    1. Thanks, Annette. Ollie was fooled by the small camera yesterday. He rareley stays still for photos. Or it could be he is just getting old, and can’t be bothered to walk away. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.


        1. The header photo? That is from an old HTC phone, one of the wallpapers. It is not from around here, as there are hills/mountains in the background. Where I live is flat, like Holland. 🙂


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