Outside: Part Twenty-Nine

This is the twenty-ninth part of a fiction serial, in 827 words.

It had been nothing like Gillian imagined. There were no restraints, no gag, just the evil-looking knife placed on the chest of drawers opposite. The man had actually been very gentle. Yes, she had to admit, even loving. Much like she had seen with the romantic leads in the films her and mum used to watch. And it hadn’t been painful, even though his weight on her had felt strange.

She was sure it should have taken longer though. Oh well.

When he had finished, he had even kissed her passionately. Her first kiss. Then he picked up the knife and went downstairs, returning with a bowl of ice cream for her. It was the best she had ever tasted. He smiled as she devoured it. “Haagen Dazs, much nicer than the cheap stuff that was in your freezer”. Then he let her use the bathroom instead of the horrible chair-toilet.

When she had brushed her teeth and had a wash, Thomas escorted her back to bed and secured the restraints again, showing her the ball-gag. “Do I need to put this in your mouth?” Gillian shook her head, and as he left the room, he turned. “Don’t let me hear you make any noise, or it stays in all the time”.

Feeling very pleased with himself, Thomas got on the excercise bike and set the controls for an uphill ride of twenty miles. He was determined to keep fit now he wasn’t out and about working, and this was an easy option that didn’t involve going outside to run. As he got into the rhythm of the pedals, he reflected on the woman upstairs. It had been nice that she hadn’t squirmed, struggled, or resisted. He hated having to fight them, gag them, and hold them down under restraint. He wanted them to want it.

Gillian had been a good choice, one of the best yet.

Over the next few days, that became the pattern. Although sometimes he would stay in the room after lunch, slowly removing his clothes when she had finished eating, leaving her in no doubt what was to happen next. She had to admit to herself that she had started to look forward to it, especially when he whispered compliments to her after, and cuddled her so gently. One evening when he was late coming upstairs, Gillian found herself hoping she would soon hear his footsteps.

And the food was amazing. Meals she had never heard of. Cassoulet that looked like stew, but tasted so much better. Coq-au-Vin with Dauphinoise potatoes, something else she had never heard of. She even tried a home-cooked Chinese meal for the first time ever; Hoisin Duck with noodles and Chinese leaves. He told her the names as she was eating, and she committed them to memory, for the future.

But one lonely night in the dark, she started to think about that future. What would happen to her? Would he decide to be her boyfriend for ever and move in permanently to look after her? Part of her wished that could happen,and she would forgive him for how they had met. But she had watched enough films and television dramas in her time to know that rarely happened.

He would tire of her, then kill her. And she wouldn’t even know his name.

She started to formulate a rudimentary plan in her mind. He had mentioned love that first night, and she would convince him that she loved him. It wouldn’t be too difficult to convince him, as she knew that part of her didn’t want him to ever leave.

The weather was warming up. After ten days at the house, Thomas was still very happy. He could spare some more time with Gillian, especially as she had become a willing and enthusiastic participant in everything he did to her. Very soon, he was sure he could do away with the restraints completely, as he already had no need of the gag. She might even join him downstairs for lunch and dinner, as she was behaving so well.

One morning, he was startled by the appearance of a man with a ladder at the bedroom window. She hadn’t told him about a window cleaner. Did he need paying? Would he create a fuss until someone answered the door and paid him? Thomas was angry, but had to break his anonimity.

“Excuse me, who are you? Do you need paying for this work?” The window cleaner seemed to be surprised to see a man speaking to him from a bedroom window.

“No, it’s okay. I have been paid in advance. Sorry mate, but who might you be?” Thomas smiled, and appeared to be very friendly.

“Oh, I am Gill’s boyfriend. I moved in last week. You don’t need to come anymore, I wil do it, and you can keep the money”.

As the man left, Thomas was raging inside. Now there was someone who might remember him.

32 thoughts on “Outside: Part Twenty-Nine

        1. Don’t forget my description of him earlier. Like thousands of other 40-something men. Very average, and more or less forgettable. Gillian doesn’t know his real name, or where he lives, and his DNA is not recorded by the police as he has never been arrested.
          Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. Good, Gillians started to think things through…Let’s hope the window cleaner doesn’t come back or he will be toast…Hopefully, Thomas will soon be history/brown bread and Gillian will get a new lease of life.:) xx

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  2. It would be interesting to have some hint as to Thomas’s background. Nothing can excuse his behaviour, however people don’t do such things without something having happened in their family background, or another kind of trauma. Or perhaps some people are just evil. Some philosophers argue there is no such thing as free will, but to me this is sophistry, other than in very extreme cases, for example there have been cases of women who after a brain injury have developed a raging sex drive which has often been directed without thought for their personal safety. Kevin

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  3. (1) Eventually, Thomas replaced “the evil-looking knife” with a putty knife. It was a purely symbolic gesture, as Gillian had become putty in his hands.
    (2) “She was sure it should have taken longer though.” Women perceive sex duration in tiempo rápido. Men perceive it in slow-mo. Actual elapsed time is somewhere in-between.
    (3) After devouring the Haagen Dazs ice cream, Gillian smiled and said, “Dazs ist gut!”
    (4a) “Don’t let me hear you make any noise, or it stays in all the time.” Was Thomas referring to the ball-gag or his ballsy chorizo?
    (4b) Bad citation: “It had been nice that Gillian hadn’t squirmed, struggled, or resisted. He had especially appreciated her trilling ¡Cariño! in Spanish.”
    (5) I prefer Cassoulet to Hoisin Duck. Maybe it’s just because I like French cookery with duck quackery
    (6) “He would tire of her, then kill her. And she wouldn’t even know his name.” All those Z’s carved by his evil-looking knife in her bedroom wall might be a hint… (If she can’t catch the meaning of the Z’s, I advise her to sleep on it.)
    (7a) The man on the ladder peeped through the window at Thomas. That makes two peepers. (If you disagree with me, I don’t want to hear a peep out of you!)
    (7b) The man on the ladder prefers an alternate lifestyle. He saw in Thomas a window of opportunity. That is, until Thomas broke the paneful news that he was Gillian’s boyfriend.
    (8) Now that Thomas is a raging bull, is he still horny? Gillian wants to know.

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