32 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – #Family #LGBTQ – His Ladyship by Stevie Turner

  1. The beginning of “The Snapdragon Family Ruby Luna”

    Ruby Luna looked out over the edge of the cliff from her porch. It was a bright sunny day. A nice cup of hot tea, a plate with four seeded sponge muffins, and a small green teapot were on the little table beside her. The bright sun warmed her beautifully feathered hippogriff body. She felt great! Friends would be coming soon, there was always a stream of friends in and out of her doors unless she was away of course. Today however would be different, something very serious was happening.
    In Ruby’s large sunroom there sat a very long and elegant table, chairs of all kinds sat spaced according to need around it. The chairs however gave the beautiful table an oddness, like it did not belong there os should not be used as it was. It however had been a gift from her old home with Poldara, a huge mansion with all the beautiful furnishings, such as this table. Now in her home, a home under a hill, and the back of this home was the side of a cliff. Her front door faced a huge forest with a pathway leading into it.
    On one end of Ruby’s dining room table, there were three good-sized perch. Ruby’s perch was placed at the head of the table. From there she saw all her guests. Ruby was quick to not missing out on anyone’s needs.
    Earlier that morning Pol had come to check on the alignment of the chairs and to see if they needed rearranging. She helped to ensure the tiny tables that sat in the center of the main table as if they were part of the centerpiece there. These small tables were set with tiny plates, cups, glasses, two pitchers.  Most of the tables, chairs, and dishes had come from Pol’s own childhood dollhouses. It was perfect for the squirrel and mice families. The scene they made was much like an elegant restaurant, because flowers from vases cascaded down. Three vases in a zig-zag and the three small tables set zig zagged near them.”

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      1. I have done something I think will be fun. I followed the lead of a fellow Simon___and joined Wattpad to work on a children’s story. Talk about jumping into commitment! I must feel ready for this! But it is what happens to me when I write, I am locked into thinking that way, it is compulsive, as is doing art. I just don’t have a clone. But I have always longed to do the art and writing for children’s books. Once created the characters all talk to me like you see in Walt Disney clips where Mickey or Donald talk with Walt. LOL I have plans to make a body so I can make the heads, hands,, feet, for different character. So to have model in real landscapes. I can position them, I made one from the character Claudel. He’s great I think I packed him away. These little people will be about 4 feet high, I will make clothes for them. Yet another project, The thought was that if I do they will be hanging around my home, the studio. And well they get into your head when they want to tell their stories, LOL

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          1. Yes. With some time to think. Tom would say, “Think! That’s what you do best! You should have been an engineer! I tended to be the one to solve by inventing thing at times, if not physically, mentally even. He did not always get stuck with ideas, he had plenty of his own, they just took some routes that needed tweaking.

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