Outside: Part Thirty-Three

This is the thirty-third part of a fiction serial, in 780 words.

It felt very hot in the bedroom. As Gillian’s eyes opened that morning, she discovered why. The man was cuddling her, and on top of the warm weather that was arriving, the heat from his body was making her uncomfortable. But she saw it as a good sign. He must have forgiven her, and she would surely get some food today. She needed to pee though, so gently pushed against him until he woke up.

“I need to pee, sorry. It’s sort-of urgent”. He smiled at her, and got off the bed. Not wanting to risk waiting to get to the bathroom, she managed to slide off the mattress and use the commode. He came back in with the key for the restraints and undid them. “You can go and have a nice bath while I prepare breakfast. Come down and eat when you’re ready”.

While frying some bacon and heating ready-made pancakes, Thomas noticed the grass on the small lawn was almost a foot high. He wasn’t about to cut it though, and he would hopefully be gone soon anyway. He had already stayed longer than intended. Not that he was worried about work, or money. There were no arranged jobs outstanding, and he had enough in the bank to last a long time.

Besides, other than hiring the car, he hadn’t spent anything. All the online shopping had been charged to Gillian’s account.

Despite still being early, it was already very hot. He opened the kitchen door a little, then went into the living room and opened the windows wide to try to get some kind of breeze in the house. After a nice bath, Gillian was already feeling hot and sweaty by the time she finished drying herself. For once she was pleased not to be allowed to wear any clothes, and with the smell of bacon driving her mad with hunger, she scampered downstairs without bothering to dry her hair.

Over breakfast, the man was nice to her. He let her eat four big rashers of bacon with six of the pancakes. He had poured something over them before serving her, and it tasted deliciously sweet. He told her it was maple syrup, the real stuff. She had never even heard of it, but knew she could happily eat much more of it. They hadn’t quite finished when the door buzzer sounded.

Thomas looked over at the monitor and saw a woman standing outside with her arms folded. She was wearing some kind of overall, with a white t-shirt underneath. Gillian was immediately concerned in case he got angry again, but he spoke quietly. “Who’s that then?” Swallowing half a pancake, she inclined her head in the direction of next door. “That’s Kirsty. Her and her woman friend moved in next door not long ago. She complained about my rubbish bags, so I got the Biffa Bin after she came round with a man from the local Council”.

He seemed happy with that. “Go and see what she wants, but don’t open the door, not even a little bit”.

“Hello Kirsty, what do you want. I’ve got that big bin, so no more rubbish bags outside. What is it now?” The woman leaned in to speak. “If you ever went out in the garden, you would smell the stink from those old bags of crap that I threw over your back gate. You have got to get them shifted, or we will have flies and rats now it’s the summer”. Maybe because the man was listening, Gillian was feisty.

“Well you threw them there, not me. So if you want them shifted, you can do it. It’s not my problem, so go away and stop bothering me”. Leaning in even closer, Kirsty used a very nasty tone. “Look, you crazy cow. I’m here to tell you I’m not having this. Your shitty house lets this whole street down, and I will be calling the bloke back from the Council about your crap in the back alley”. With that, she turned and stomped off.

The man was smiling at her, and pretending to clap as if giving her a round of applause. “Well done. That’s my girl. Just the way to deal with an ugly bitch like her. She won’t bother you again, I’m sure”. Gillian sat down to finish her breakfast, and decided not to let the man know how persistent Kirsty was.

Once she had finished the food, and even wiped a finger across the plate to get the last of the syrup, he stood up still smiling. Extending a hand, he spoke softly.

“Shall we go upstairs? I will be gentle this morning, I promise”.

36 thoughts on “Outside: Part Thirty-Three

  1. (1) There’s a long line at the lady’s restroom:
    Penelope Peabody, trying to jump in line: “I need to pee, sorry. It’s sort-of urgent.”
    Betty Bladderton, shoving her away: “Mind your pees and queues!”
    (2) “Thomas noticed the grass on the small lawn was almost a foot high.” Before long, it became a sanctuary for beetles, caterpillars, grasshoppers, ladybugs, moths, and butterflies. But then those rascally rodents showed up…
    (3) Thomas opened the windows to get some kind of breeze in the house. But he quickly closed the windows when the stink from the old bags of crap that Kirsty had thrown over the back gate rushed into the house. That was the wrong kind of breeze.
    (4) Thomas is a happy camper. Gillian is a happy scamper.
    (5) Gillian swallowed half a pancake. It’s lucky she didn’t choke to death. Next time, try one bite at a time!
    (6) “Go and see what she wants, but don’t open the door, not even a little bit.” Knowing Kirsty’s sexual orientation, it’s too bad she’ll be denied the cheap thrill of seeing another naked woman.
    (7) Overheard:
    Kirsty: “You’re a crazy cow!”
    Gillian: “Don’t make me laugh!”
    Kirsty: “If you laugh, I’ll call you a laughing cow.”
    Gillian: “That’s what all the Frenchies call me!”
    (8) Gillian wiped a finger across the plate to get the last of the maple syrup. She then stuck her finger in Thomas’s mouth. He liked that.

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  2. With open windows, Thomas and Gill will be overheard and then there’s the grass and Kirsty. Thomas better beat it while he can! But being with Gill is so easy and convenient…..can’t wait to see how this works out!

    Liked by 2 people

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