The Bloodstained Letter: Part Eight

This is the eighth part of a fiction serial, in 710 words.

Trying to look interested, Jon actually took some photos on his phone as the vicar showed him around. He was trying not to think of the missed opportunities of being able to spot anyone who might be using the post box outside. His host seemed keen for the church to be included in any forthcoming book, and went so far as to suggest he might be a character.

“Of course, if you want to write me in, I won’t complain, Mr Ridley. My given name is Babatunde William Bolaje, but that might have come as a shock to my congregation. So I tell them to call me William. It used to amuse me when they asked where I was from. No doubt they expected some African jungle origin, and they all seemed very disappointed when I told them it was West Drayton”. He roared with laughter at his own joke, and continued.

“I suspect the Bishop was playing a cruel joke on the locals when he appointed me to this parish three years ago, but it has worked out very well, so backfired on him”. Stopping by a table near the main entrance, he picked up two leaflets. “These may well be of use to you. The history of the church, with some original drawings and a photo dating from the eighteen-eighties. This second one is information about the parish, church activities and special services.”

Reaching into his shoulder bag, Jon took out his notebook and opened it to slip the leaflets into it. As he did so, the plastic sleeve containing the envelope fell onto the stone floor, and the vicar quickly bent down to pick it up. Smiling as he tapped his finger against the front of the enveope under the plastic.

“I see you have received a communication from the redoubtable Amelia Bowes? Is that why you chose this church? I recognise her stationery from the numerous letters and notes she has handed me since I became the vicar”. Jon felt his mouth drop open, and a nice tingle ran up his spine. He thought fast, telling the vicar he was correct, but that Mrs Bowes had forgotten to put her address on the letter.

The huge smile returned, and he shook his head. “Really? That is most unlike her. She usually puts her address on her notes to me, even when she hand-delivers them. Come outside, and I will show you where she lives”. They walked to the end of the path, and standing close to the post box, the vicar pointed with his right hand. “Straight across the road, and you will see The Crescent. Her house has no number, it is called The Poplars. You will see why when you notice the Poplar trees along the side of the property”. He shook Jon’s hand, and held the grip for longer than usual.

“Please send me a copy when the book is published. And be careful of the widow Bowes, she is rather fierce”.

Deciding not to return to the van while the vicar was watching, Jon walked a little further down, and pretended to take some more photos of the church on his phone. The vicar soon got bored, waved a farewell, and went back inside the church.

Back in the van and writing notes furiously, he felt there was no longer any need to keep sitting and watching.

He had his first suspect.

Feeling cold and rather hungry he drove back to the hotel, got changed into something smarter, and went out for an early dinner. Or perhaps it was a late lunch, he wasn’t sure. On the way back to the hotel, he bought a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon to drink in his room while he worked on the draft manuscript. A church and vicar might well feature in the book, but it was unlikely to be that church, and that vicar.

By the time he had started to feel tired, there were four completed chapters saved on his laptop, and he was having to stop himself from getting ahead of the story. A doughty widow who lived in a house with no number was an unlikely suspect indeed. Unless you were Agatha Christie of course.

Which he wasn’t.

34 thoughts on “The Bloodstained Letter: Part Eight

  1. (1) Amelia (or someone) wrote HELP because she (or he) got a paper cut before sealing the envelope. Of course, it would be a bloody shame if it were no more than that…
    (2) Babatunde is a male given name in the Yoruba language. It means Father Returns, or a Father Has Returned. The name generally refers to a male ancestor such as a deceased father, grandfather, or great grandfather. Therefore, Babatunde William Bolaje is probably The Ghost of Clerics Past, and maybe one of many ghosts who will help Jon Ridley solve his mystery.
    (3) Strange that Babatunde Boaje would have William as a middle name. What does ‘William’ Tell us about him? That he can balance an apple on his head while being shot at with a bow and arrow? And, if so, is it an apple that has fallen from the Tree of Knowledge?
    (4) West Drayton residents say the town is an asphalt jungle. So Babatunde W. Bolaje is indeed from the jungle, just not the African one.
    (5) I wonder if Amelia Bowes’ ancestry heralds from Bowes, County Durham. Does the village of Bowes have a sister city named Arrowes?
    (6) The Bowes house is called the The Poplars. Maybe the answers Jon is looking for are to be found there. However, it’s early in the serial, so I think he’s barking up the wrong tree.
    (7) Jon Ridley wrote down his notes furiously. So did Ludwig van Beethoven.
    (8) “He was having to stop himself from getting ahead of the story.” That could be said of quite a few of your readers, Pete.
    (9) Was the doughty widow once married to a crazy baker? If so, that dough nut is now buried in a hole in the ground.

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    1. 3) It probably denotes his parents were Christians in Nigeria.
      5) Bowes-Lyon was the maiden name of the Queen Mother, wife to George VI. Her father was the Earl of Strathmore. That name has ‘connections’ here, David. It originates in Durham, as you say, and is also well-known in Ireland.
      8) I put that in deliberately, to remind the readers you mention. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. There have been many weird coincidences in my life and they tend to raise the hair on my neck, but yes, I guess that could be a clue as well. I think you must have a lot of interesting people running around in your head!

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  2. So he’s received a letter from Amelia Bowes which just says HELP. But instead of going over to see what help she’s desperate for he goes out to dinner and starts his novel?? Probably not the best detective in the world! 🤣

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