The Tyre Collective

With the recent COP26 conference, and the world focusing on Climate Change, here is something I didn’t know about, and a very worthwhile project too.


As someone who has spent half his working life pushing a cab around London, the vehicle’s contribution to air pollution has not escaped my attention.

So when coming across this interesting research I just had to investigate it further. The findings discovered that tyres wear out from friction every time we brake, accelerate or turn a corner (including unexpected tight u-turns by cabs), and the particles become airborne affecting our lungs.

The Tyre Collective monitored the amount of tyre wear produced by a No. 9 London bus running between Hammersmith and Aldwych the route called ‘London’s oldest existing bus route’, which has its origins going as far back as 1851. At a distance of just over 5 miles, each journey on average released 4.65g per journey and a total of 65g a day.

The particles become airborne affecting our lungs, more are swept into our waterways and oceans eventually…

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36 thoughts on “The Tyre Collective

    1. If they make them cheap to fit, they could indeed get mass-market take-up and earn a fortune. But at least it would be doing something good at the same time. My concern is that some huge company will buy them out, then scrap the plan completely.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. Every day I seem to come across another article like this. where some small but significant step is being taken to lessen our impact. One can only hope it’s not too little, too late and that people will embrace the changes and whatever expense, or loss of profit may be involved. If only it didn’t all come down to money.

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    1. Everything does come down to money, but if they can make this cheap enough to have fitted, there’s no reason why the government couldn’t give a grant for all the poorer car owners to have it done. They wasted billions on a failed ‘Track and Trace’ app here, that money would have been better spent on something like this.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Really what we should be concentrating on is removing cars altogether. Electric trams, trains, buses, good safe walkways and cycle paths and maybe public electric taxis for rural areas. Electric cars are not going to solve congestion, parking problems, road maintenance and the possibility of even more cars on the roads. And I still have concerns over battery life and recycling.

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