A Sunny Autumn Afternoon

Today’s dog walk was cold (7C) but beautifully sunny.

I took the camera out with me, hoping to capture Beetley Meadows in low winter light.
(The photos are on Flickr, and if you click on them you can enlarge them there)

Ollie sniffing around under a tree. Its leaves have finally changed.


Most of the berries on the Holly have been eaten by birds already, but these ones by the gate to the woods are on the lowest branches.


The river was hardly flowing today, making the surface very still. I was able to get some reflections of the trees as a result.


If this good weather continues, I may well take the camera out again soon.

78 thoughts on “A Sunny Autumn Afternoon

  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful and sunny images, Pete. Here it’s been raining most of the day, it is cold, and it’s looking pretty bad for the rest of the week, so we shall see. At least your post has brightened up my day. I hope the weather stays good for you.

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    1. If we have the same weather tomorrow, I will be sure to take the camera, GP.
      (We have our heating set to 20C, but 18 is acceptable. It is currently just 3C in Beetley and not even 7pm.)
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Lovely! I miss our Craigie Street Hawthorne, the one here has never flowered. I am not sure why. I would love to have it bloom before I sell, Beautiful photos! May I save them to use as reference photos, I would love to do paintings of them.

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          1. At Craigie Street in town Portland, the one there was beautiful! I loved the transformation it went through, the blooms would be this pale green at first, then they would turn velvety white with red centers, and the next phase the green berries turning orange, red, and deep red. The birds would come, I loved watching them from the bathroom window.

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                  1. I have some home made bread to bake today. Because what I had was a ham sandwich made with home made bread yesterday. Twice! Once with Stephen’s Mint Hot Chocolate. Alas the last of the can. I will need to get some more! Today it is tea. I did buy some frozen vegetables to make a nice meal. As the farm wife I ran a restaurant with tons of cooking, I don’t do that anymore. Not like that anyway. I am trying to cook a bit more for Alexander and self. Things like muffins. I should make him a layer cake with boiled frosting one day. But if he likes it…..LOL! Well anyway as the kids would say! Have a great day!

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          1. May you have more perfect days! I have a sunny day today! My new panama hat came! It is bright blue, and yellow on the inside. It will match my blue and yellow vest! There is a scar and gloves to match! LOL It will be fun to wear when out and about!

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            1. No doubt you will look stunning in your new hat, dear Pejj. I don’t have the face for hats, so rarely wear one. No camera on my walk today, as it has been dark all day, with light rain. It is now completely pitch black outside, and only 4:20 pm. Winter in England…


              1. I have a pen pal Carol and Peter Curtis from Tamworth England, from the early 80s. She talked about the weather. It gets dark here around that same time our time zone. It is 11:30 here. I like hats. I like fun clothes. If I could I would enjoy clothes from 1920’s LOL Those flapper dresses____ they seem to be coming back!

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                  1. I love learning about the red pigs Carol has not told me of them. I have seen red ones, they hair can be just like that of a red headed human, with gold in it. Oh! yes! Louise Brooks. Beautiful lady. I came to realize the flapper era would have been when my grandmother was a young lady. In an early photo she has that kind of hair cut. I am not sure if she ever got to be a flapper___I think her parents might not approved. I decided to look at time lines to see what she would have known about, it was revealing. I thought about what I recalled of her. She watched the Olympics. I learned she played soft ball, and was a friend to Delphia Louis “Del” Bissonette. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/6955829/delphia-louis-bissonette . She played in the Portland Symphony Orchestra. Went to Westbook Seminary and was a teacher. However when she married she was not allowed to teach.

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    1. People do fish around there. They catch Perch, Tench, and Trout mainly. I’m not a fisherman, but I see some regulars that I talk to. It is literally on the other side of the street to our house, so we are lucky to have that area so close.
      Best wishes, Pete.


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