Worried About A Blogger

Some time ago, Kim Barker told us she was taking a break from blogging.

Kim is one of my original followers, and one of the first I followed back.


She posted that she was ‘taking a hiatus’ in August.

But now, her emails are being returned as ‘unknown’ and I am genuinely worried about her.

If anyone has heard from Kim, please let me know. And if you have a valid email address for her, or her husband Tom, please ask her to put our minds at rest.

51 thoughts on “Worried About A Blogger

  1. Sorry, I have no news or way of contacting her either, but I’ll share this post, in case anybody knows anything. It is one of the worries when you realise you have no way of contacting people who just seem to disappear… Thanks for bringing it up, Pete, and let’s hope it’s just a longer break than she anticipated.

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  2. Pete, I have reached out to Kim three times by adding a comment to her last post. I am worried, too. She said all was well, just a hiatus. Like you, I miss her and want to know that’s she’s okay. Returned emails are worrisome.

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  3. I also remember Kim’s post. As she used to have several posts a day, I can see why you’re concerned. This is one of the few downsides of blogging that I have found. People suddenly disappear. Sometimes they explain (it’s their business and not mine), but there is no closure without one. It’s like when a friend moves away; we need to be able to say goodbye. A couple of bloggers I have followed stated, “This is my last post,” but we’re left wondering why.

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    1. Thanks, Pete. I understood that Kim might be away from the blog for a long time, but we were in occasional email contact, and my last one was returned by Yahoo. Hence my increased concern.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. 🤔 Pete, I read her last blogging entry and she specifically said that she is taking a hiatus and asked everyone not to worry.

    August till now is a very long time.

    What you can do is see if she is active on social media (That is provided that she is on Facebook, Twitter, etcetera).

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      1. She didn’t say how long she intended being away from blogging. Last time I took a break it went on for longer than I’d intended, though not for this long. It must be three months now. I don’t have any other way of getting in touch with her, unfortunately.

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  5. I’ve also been worried, Pete, but I have no answers. I do know that she’s been troubled in the past and I wonder if she has withdrawn as part of some kind of treatment. I kind of hope that’s what’s going on.

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