Sunday Musings From Beetley

The first **snow** of this winter is falling outside. Luckily, the ground is so wet after 24 hours of torrential rain, it is not settling.

It is almost December, and another year will soon be over. I think this past year will be remembered by me for watching Ollie age, and combat constant infections. Also for second dose of C-19 vaccine, then getting the booster that made me feel ill. On the plus side, it has been unusually warm until this week, (Global Warming probably) and we had a great holiday in September.

I have managed to keep my shorts on since late March, and was hoping to still be wearing them into December. But I fear that yesterday will have to be the last time for 2021, as I returned from the dog-walk chilled to the bone. As today is only 3C so far, and snowing a little, the shorts will have to go back into the wardrobe.


After my recent fall in the bath, it was Julie’s turn a few days ago. She had gone next door to talk to our neighbour, then missed a step as she stood back after ringing their doorbell. That resulted in her falling flat on her back, with a painful rebound head injury as her head hit the pavement. For a few days, she didn’t feel so good, but fortunately is much improved this morning.


Ollie’s fur continues to fall out, caused by those Paintbrush Lesions that I mentioned. There doesn’t seem much we can do, except to wait for it to grow back in due course. It seems not to concern him, and he is still enjoying his walks, and occasionally chasing a deer.


Government corruption and the buffoonery of our current Prime Minister continues unabated. When a party has such a huge majority in Parliament, it appears that makes them impervious to criticism, and immune from prosecution. The exploitation of foreign tax havens is blatant, and disgusting to behold.


Black Friday came and went, as will Cyber Monday. I might sometimes be an old fool, but I am not fool enough to fall for that marketing hype and nonsense.


Still too early for me to talk about Christmas. I haven’t even written any cards yet.


65 thoughts on “Sunday Musings From Beetley

        1. Yes, if we are hurt or cut, he will try to lick the area. When I have been ill in bed, he lies outside the bedroom door refusing to move until I get up. He is also very sensitive to mood changes, like loud voices or arguments.

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  1. I hope Julie gets better soon. The weather doesn’t help. And Ollie. It is funny how we seem to worry more about them than they are themselves sometimes. You’re brave with your shorts. Here the temperature went down quite suddenly (not as much as there, but pretty unusual for here), and I’m wrapping up.
    I understand your frustration with politicians. Here it is terrible as well, but it is true that governing in a coalition means some checks and balances are in place.
    Enjoy the week, Pete.

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    1. That was September’s holiday, John. Just Christmas to get through now, then it is 2022. Let’s see what that brings. I will be 70 in 2022, and can’t say I’m looking forward to that. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Oh, Pete! I hope Julie is okay and recovering from her fall. It is so frightening when that happens. It has been dipping into the low 20° – high 30°F here at night, so no snow in sight. We have not had rain either, and the fire danger has increased. There is a fire in the eastern part of our state that has already consumed 180 acres of forest. I love Christmas but I don’t get caught up in all the sales and other marketing gimmicks.

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  3. Listening to the UK news this morning it sounds like Poland and the UK have swapped weather, although it has just started to snow, so maybe we are just running a little behind.
    Good to read that Julie is on the mend, Gosia has had a few visits to the physio recently with a bad back and I can see the pain she is in, no fun at all.
    As for you politics, nothing seems to change, but it could be worse, you could have Polish politicians 🙂

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  4. That pretty much sums of the year. I hope you and Julie are well and I am sure that Ollie will regain his former glory pretty soon. The political scene in India is just as bad as ever, in fact it is worse because we have a national elections in the coming months and the ruling party doesn’t seem to have any other agenda apart from Hindu-Muslim riots so they try to instigate one. Muslims however have seemed to get their strategy now (after many repetitions). So, they are sitting quitely inspite of the atrocities. Let’s see how it goes.

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  5. (1) “Come on children, don’t be such a flake! Settle down already!” (Father Winter)
    (2) Watching Ollie age is like watching a bullet train from a car window..
    (3) “I returned from the dog-walk chilled to the bone.” If there’s a warm piece of ground someplace nearby, Ollie will be glad to bury it for you.
    (4) Sometimes, visiting one’s neighbors can be a serious misstep.
    (5) Paintbrush Lesion fallout is fortunately not as serious or as long-lasting as Nuclear Winter fallout.
    (6) Note to Caribbean pirates: The best offshore account is a sunken treasure chest, as long as it’s not at the bottom of the Cayman Trench.
    (7) On Monday, I’m going to order something animatronic. Maybe a Cyberian Husky?
    (8) Scotch pines and Douglas firs are in full panic mode right now.

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  6. So sorry to read about Julie’s fall. Those can be very nasty. I hope she will be fully recovered soon. I have written cards because it’s a job I don’t enjoy and I need to get it out of the way. Which probably tells you how I feel about Christmas in general. But living where I do now it’s all become easier. We have our first snow too.

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    1. Julie is fine now, thank you, just a little stiff in the back. The snow didn’t settle, which was okay with me. It looks lovely, but traps you in the village when it’s heavy.
      As for Christmas, roll on December the 27th!
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  7. I am happy that Julie is not hurt too much and that she is better again.
    I fell down the last step of the stairs earlier this year and ended up on all fours. Fortunately only sprains. But I was allowed to stay at home for two days.

    The older you get, the longer you get something out of it. 😉

    It is very nice that you share your memories and experiences with us. I love reading this. You always describe everything so vividly. Just great. I wish you a nice 1st Advent.
    Best wishes, Irene

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  8. Good to hear that Julie’s injury wasn’t serious, Pete. When it comes to shorts wearing, I’m a wimp, I’m afraid: if the temperature falls below around 15°, I’m back into long trousers, especially as my house doesn’t have conventional central heating. Cheers, Jon.

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  9. I think most of our musings are of the negative kind. I enjoy your thoughts Pete, you are not alone! Hope Julie is feeling better, a fall like that is a shock as well as the physical injuries. No snow here, but 14 hours without power was challenging.

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    1. We only got the tail end of that storm, but small branches were down all around the garden, and the rain and wind was awful. It didn’t help that we had to travel 30 miles each way for our grandson’s 7th birthday lunch. I was so glad to be at home and out of it by the time we got back.
      14 hours with no power must have been horrible.
      Best wishes, Pete. x


      1. I always get nervous driving in extreme windy conditions, especially where trees are alongside the road. We had to go out for our booster shots, and would have had to go out for a coffee! As it was we managed to get a great full Cornish breakfast in a little deli on St Ives, though it was awfully windy and cold out there.

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  10. Sort of reads like a new-age version of ‘dispatches from the front’ Pete. I enjoyed the manner and you catching us all up. Keep them coming.

    P.S. Your experiences are very similar to life here at my house at the moment. But that pales in comparison to what is likely on the horizon in the near future for all of us. Be well Pete, and stay warm.


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