A Mancunian Nightmare

I woke up in something of a panic this morning, glad to find myself in bed in Beetley, and to realise it was all a dream.

Or to be more accurate, a nightmare.

During that long dream, I was living in a tiny council flat on a large estate in the city of Manchester. My neighbours all looked like various members of the band Oasis, and were standing on the long balconies of the block dealing crack and heroin to a neverending queue of eager customers.

When I tried to go out to the shops, they blocked my path, and mocked my London accent.

I just wanted to get back to Beetley, and couldn’t understand what I was doing in Manchester, or why I didn’t have Ollie with me.

Despite my relief at waking up from this dream, I am completely flummoxed as to why I would be dreaming about something like this in the first place.

54 thoughts on “A Mancunian Nightmare

  1. In my dream, I was in a bookstore somewhere in the U.K. The employees all looked like various characters in an Agatha Christie novel, and were busy digging into boxes full of Pete Johnson books, trying to keep up with a neverending queue of customers eager to buy the latest collection of crime stories.

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  2. How bizarre! Perhaps the bloggers are right, and it is a plot for a new story. Have you been listening to Oasis or watching a documentary about Manchester or something? I must say my mind comes up with some bizarre scenarios sometimes, but… Good it was all a dream!

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      1. My expereince is to close my eyes and I see things from somewhere…sometimes things show up. My ex gave me The complete works of William Shakespere. I saw the linen , the photo on the inside 2 1/2 years before meeting him. Lately its people and things coming towards me. I watched Uncle Harvey’s death like a move and knew my parents would tell the folks in the mourning. When your a little kid its something you do, and you feel its normal.

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  3. I was driving again, one of those dreams where you find you have no control over the speed of the car no matter how hard you press the accelerator! At least I wasn’t in reverse which is a frequent dream, when I cannot brake! But somehow never seem to crash into anything! Dreams are weird… 🤯

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  4. Interesting! It never ceases to amaze me how irrelevant time, as we ‘normally’ perceive it, is in dreams: I often wake from a dream, feeling like I’ve been asleep for many hours, only to find that it’s only 2 or 3 o’clock. Thankfully, I can usually manage to go back to sleep thereafter. Cheers, Jon.

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