December The 7th, 1941

Eighty years ago today, Japan attacked the American fleet at Pearl Harbour, and brought the United States into WW2.

As a result, a bitter war was fought in the Pacific, and so many soldiers and civilians died. Some years later, American troops and equipment made D-Day possible, and Germany was finally defeated.

Becuase of Japan’s entry into the war, the allies finally had to invent a super-weapon to defeat that country, and the world went into the terrifying nuclear age.

Let us never forget those who died on that day, and always remember the significance of the date in world history.

43 thoughts on “December The 7th, 1941

  1. Thank you for saying these words .The day needs to be remembered to warn that we human cannot repeat the mistakes we made in the past !🙂

    Great post as always . Best wishes . Min

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  2. Well said Pete…the single worst things in our history is war…over and over, countries choose to fight – still are all over the world – always resulting in suffering for so many – so unnecessary.

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  3. Thank you for this post Pete. My family and friends always acknowledge this ‘memorial’ day of the tragic event which we simply know as “Pearl Harbor Day”. This day is a Big thing here in Phoenix as the main loss of life was aboard the Battleship USS Arizona. My wife and I have visited the Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor where many of the sailors remain entombed on the sunken ship. Very impacting, and near impossible to refrain from shedding tears.

    Also, we 🙏 and ask others to pray for the souls of all who died or suffered permanent injury in WWII, and especially all the Japanese civilians who died horrific deaths in the barrage of fire bombings, before the nuclear attacks, which numbered significantly more that those that died as a result of the 2 A-Bombs drooped.



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  4. Hello Pete

    Yes indeed, we must not forget. It meant that the UK would not be on its own in the west and that we would survive to fight another day.

    I have written the following take on the day. I do not intend any disrespect to those who died, but when you consider the madness of war and the current Covid madness, the humour I have tried to inject is to show that even in war and times of crisis humour can see us through.

    We can then survive ourselves to fight another day. Here’s the link if you or anyone is interested.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

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        1. I have just read it, didn’t take too long. (Five minutes) I feel some readers may not appreciate your humour surrounding that event, but I accept what you wrote, and your intention, for what it is.
          Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. War____where all sides have no choice but fight. All sides human, and flawed. People doing their best to be loyal and true, the goal to make life worth living. War is a sad thing, yetrequires much bravery all around from t he men and women who fight, to their families. Politics the nudge into it. peace the necessity, and goal. A very serious matter.

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    1. Not sure, Carolyn. I was born 34 years after the end of WW1, but I never forget that war. It is up to the older generations to set examples, but I suspect that the ‘New 7/12/1941’ will be 9/11, especially for Americans.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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