Update! The Clearwater Anomaly Is Back!

In March this year, I posted this about the strange number of views a post was getting.

The ‘Clearwater’ Anomaly

Not long after, views dropped off again, but have remained constant at one or two a day ever since.

Then yesterday, I noticed my stats were climbing, and I checked on which posts were receiving all the views.

Yes, this original 2020 post was being viewed at an alarming rate, once again.

110 views for that day alone, and still coming in.

‘Clearwater’: A Short Science Fiction Film

I still have no idea why this happens!

53 thoughts on “Update! The Clearwater Anomaly Is Back!

  1. Pete, for the past three months, I have been getting hundred of views of my story about the 70’s Actor Jan-Michael Vincent, who went from being a huge film and TV star to destitute – he died a few years ago…anyway, the views are all coming from Google search, so I assume that when someone google’s his name, my story pops up as one of the featured links…no reason why, and much like you, I get no likes or comments, just views!

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      1. It’s always fascinating Pete…I know that my Pinterest pic of Jan-Michael Vincent, which links to my story, has HUGE numbers…in fact, I get more than 250,000 views in total from Pinterest every month and it does translate to clicks on my cult film site especially

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      1. You wrote — “Hi, John. Iโ€™m just interested to know why, itโ€™s not a big deal. ๐Ÿ™‚
        Best wishes, Pete. — Since a lot of comments overlap one another on wordpress.com, I need to ask you what it is that you are referring to so I can render an answer to your question. Thank you.

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      2. If you are speaking about the “Clear Water Anomaly,” is is not such a big deal because it is status quo and par for the course on blogging platforms and on a lot of other platforms that require responses from readers. Some days are flush and some days are bleak and sparse. It seems to be the natural order of the way things work.

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  2. I freaked out before the end when you first posted it so didn’t finish it and can’t see a comment from me on the post. I managed it this time but it’s still as horrible. Good photography though. ๐Ÿฅด

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      1. Its a slow day here, snowing outside. I wrote a blog about it, I wanted to post poetry but the poetry book I selected, was___well the poems certainly offered a mood, not positive. It seems I found the best one already. The poems are very well written regarding their topics. Not what I wanted. So I am settling into the day in a new direction. May your day be sunny and bright!

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          1. Mellow day here, I think a perfect day to work on the Shibui Found Image Art book. I need a manuscript to share with a critique partner. It is a matter of pulling the info together from all my sources. A nice built beginning is a start. I was looking for a writing template for a manual. I think looking at the layout of a book my professor wrote about Art & Design is going to get me what I want. That thought feels right.

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  3. I have been trying to comment on this for awhile and still seem to have the problem of an inability to comment but I have gone back to my old and tired iPad again to see if it will work. I want to add this happened to me on my old WordPress site Pete. Itโ€™s happened with a poem. Itโ€™s weird

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      1. There is no rhyme nor reason to it Pete. It tells me I am not signed into WP but I an! I so much want to interact with people and respond to posts but the dambed glitch wonโ€™t let me? So then I try to got my okd UPad wirkung and that is a whole other story lol

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