Some Short Sunday Musings From Beetley

Got to go and visit relatives today, so this will be a shorter than usual post.


The Christmas tree was put up and decorated by my wife yesterday, then all the extra small decorations and candles were arranged. She did a good job, and it looks very festive.


We face the reimposition of some Covid restrictions next week, but after the revelations about Downing Street Christmas parties that took place during lockdowns last year, and politicians attending other social events at the time, most people are just going to refuse to comply.
What’s good for the goose is good for the gander was never more appropriate.


Ollie’s fur is still falling out, and as far as I can tell, the pigeon in the garden is still alive.


The front driveway job was done on Thursday, and we are very happy with it. Photos are available on this post, if you missed it.

A Refurbished Frontage


More musings next week, hopefully.

45 thoughts on “Some Short Sunday Musings From Beetley

  1. I am also glad to hear about the well beeing of the pigeon. Great news, better than the revelations about Downing Street 10. You will not believe, but here in Germany this was aired over some times, on all stations. Let them have party, we are only citizens.;-) xx Michael

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  2. (1) Jeanne d’Arc was only 5 feet 2 inches tall. That explains why during construction of the public burning setup in Rouen, a bystander said, “This will be a shorter than usual post.”
    (2) So the Christmas tree was a put up job?
    (3) What about transgender geese? What’s good for them?
    (4) What’s good for the pigeon is good for the blog.

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  3. I hope it went OK, Pete, and Ollie gets better soon. Love the work. And yes, I’ve read and heard about the latest scandal. Unfortunately, I’ve also read about the NHS facing new pressures. I hope it doesn’t get worse, because the government won’t be the ones to truly suffer its consequences.

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  4. I’ve stopped watching the news, this stuff happened/didn’t happen last year! There are worse issues to complain about than a few drinks that may or may not have taken place. And if people are stupid enough to socialise in huge groups then so be it. I for one won’t be.

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  5. The South African government has taken the view that people know what to do during a wave, mask up, social distance and sanitise. We are not locking down, SA can’t afford it. My family is going away on the 27th of December. Actually, I am quite proud of our president this time around.

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