Catching Up

Although I was only away overnight on Saturday, and busy yesterday, I was amazed at how many posts I missed, and comments I had received.

I have done my best to answer all the comments, and will now make an effort to catch up on all your posts.

No doubt I will get there eventually. 🙂

There will be an episode of Found Footage later today.

30 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. It’s like going on holiday, especially if you work in an office environment, where it takes you forever to catch up on all the correspondence, and sometimes you wonder if it was worth it. But you’re very conscientious, so I’m sure you will catch up. I always find that the day I can’t connect is when everything interesting seems to happen. Thanks for all your support, Pete, and take care.

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  2. I’ve only just been able to log in here today after a nightmare day trying to work at home using the hospital’s laptop. I’m going to sign off in a minute and try again tomorrow afternoon, as I have had enough of computers!

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