The Bird Has Flown!

This is an update on the injured pigeon that was living in my back garden, carefully tended by me with its own food and water.

After noticing the separate tray of bird seed had been untouched yesterday, I went out at lunchtime to see if I could find any evidence of the pigeon under the leylandi hedges at the back, where it has been living.

There was no sign of any bird under there, and also no dead bird, or feathers. That allayed my fears that it had been killed by a cat, as there are always feathers in abundance when they have killed a pigeon. It is highly unlikely that a fox could have taken it, as our fences are high and secure, and nothing had tried to burrow under them.

So I came to the conclusion that the pigeon’s wing had finally healed, and it had flown away for a change of scene. After all that time stuck in my garden, it must have wanted to see something different.

For everyone who was concerned about the pigeon, it is nice to bring you good news.

73 thoughts on “The Bird Has Flown!

  1. So many people seem to dislike pigeons and only like smaller birds. We always welcome the pigeons and I have written a poem about ours but it is rather long for a post. I might try to attach it to my blog – otherwise I’ll split it between two.

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  2. Nice Pete, your caring nature has worked it’s magic again. I’m sure it will do the occasional fly-by and look down with a smile and silent thankyou.

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