Sunday Before Christmas Musings

I lose track of the days at this time of year. By the time January 2nd is upon us, I will finally be able to stop having to look at my desk calendar to know what day it is. Things break my routine during the Chriistmas season. Dustbin days are changed, shops have different opening hours, many not opening at all. The kids are not at school, and new faces appear in the group of dog-walkers.


If you saw my post ‘The Bird Has Flown’, you will know the pigeon has finally left the garden, its wing healed.


We have our first seasonal visitors today. One of my stepsons and his girlfriend, travelling from Bedfordshire to deliver and collect presents. There will probably be no other visitors until the 27th, so we anticipate a very quiet Christmas.


The TV shows are appearing. Those usually dull ‘Specials’, reviews of the past year, the same old familiar films. As a rule, the TV season at this time of year provides little worth watching after the autumn drama series have all concluded until 2022.


Blogging is different at this time of year too. People are busy, some travelling on visits, many not blogging at all. On that subject, I need to mention Mary Smith. She is facing her last days in a hospice, dying of terminal cancer. She is unlikely to see Christmas 2021. So just for her, I am determined to make the best of it, as a tribute to one of the best bloggers, authors, and genuinely nicest people I ever met online. Please read her incredibly moving post. It will make you grateful for whatever you are doing this Christmas.


51 thoughts on “Sunday Before Christmas Musings

  1. I don’t follow Mary’s blog, but I have often read her posts, mostly on Sally’s blog. Yes, losing a blogging friend is a heartache. I still think of Sue Vincent and her courageous battle with cancer.

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    1. The same to you and your family, dear Felicity. Thanks again for all the retweets. I am sorry I don’t get on Twitter very often, but I hope all is well on the island.
      Best wishes, Pete.x


  2. (1) Shops have changed days of operation, and dustbins have different opening hours, many not opening at all. (Those waste collectors are lazy this time of year.)
    (2) The Trashmen were overheard singing:
    ♬ A-well-a everybody’s heard about the bird!
    ♬ Bird bird bird, b-bird’s the word
    ♬ A-well-a bird bird bird, bird is the word
    ♬ A-well-a bird bird bird, well-a bird is the word
    ♬ A-well-a bird bird bird, b-bird’s the word
    ♬ A-well-a bird bird bird, well-a bird is the word
    (3) “So we anticipate a very quiet Christmas.” With no chimney for Santa, what did you expect? The prancing and pawing of reindeer hoofs on the roof?
    (4) I like the autumn drama series that feature colorful leaves plummeting to the ground. But I prefer the dancing snowflakes of winter.
    (5) Very sad to hear about Mary Smith.

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  3. A sad and truthful post Pete. I’m sadly lumped in with the traumatic loss of my own husband this year. No Christmas here :(. It’s been a ginormous year of losses for so many. Mary is a warrior and will forever be remembered as that for me. Wishing you happy holidays. 🙂

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  4. That was such a difficult post to read Pete, my heart is aching for Mary, tears slipping down my cheeks. It makes me appreciate all the people I love, all the goodness in life. Thanks for your musings I can’t keep track of the days either. Blessings on the wonder of the season, xx, C

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  5. Hi Pete, I have just read Mary’s post and I feel very tearful. I can’t believe I’ve lost two of my dearest blogging friends within the same year. I had the good fortune to meet Mary when I visited Scotland in 2019 and it is a memory I treasure. I am going off-line for a few weeks and will see you in 2022. Merry Christmas, Pete, and look after Ollie.

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  6. The news from Mary had me in tears. I was fortunate to have met her in person last summer. A memory I will always cherish. It will also be my first Christmas without my mom, doubly tough as it was also her birthday on December 25th. Neither of them would want us to be sad over Christmas so I will drink a toast to both of them.

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  7. Dear Pete,
    after two weeks, which I spent more or less on the sofa with a cold, I was able to read your blog again today.

    I also read Mary’s post and I have to say that made me very sad and thoughtful.
    We should all really be grateful at Christmas that we can experience that.

    I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Kind regards from Irene

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