An Unexpected Unfortunate Event

On Sunday, I posted some musings, and I mentioned that we expected our first seasonal visitors, one of my stepsons and his girlfriend.

They were late arriving, something always of concern when a long drive is involved. Due to be here by 11am, it got to midday, and then the phone rang.

After turning off the main A47 road just four miles from our house, the car had been involved in an accident. It was undrivable, and three cars had been involved. Fortunately, nobody had been injured.

A recovery truck had been called, and I was able to go to where they were to collect them once the truck arrived to take the car away.
(The damage is so severe, it is unlikely to be repaired through the insurance)

But it was much more complicated than that, of course it was. They had only been intending to stay for lunch, drop off presents, collect theirs, and drive home again around 4pm. Now they had no car, public transport was not an option with no direct train route and a Sunday service, so they were stuck in Beetley, both due to go to work this morning.

Phone calls were made in abundance, but nobody could help by giving them a lift home, or lending them a car. I wasn’t about to make a 260-mile round trip in heavy traffic in the dark, and Julie’s bad back would never tolerate such a long car journey.

So they had to stop the night, miss work today, and I drove them back this morning. So, no serial post yesterday or today, and no sign of me around the blog. I am just back from a 6-hour journey, and looking forward to the dinner I am going to cook soon.

Julie’s son now has to try to buy a car tomorrow, using taxis to visit dealerships close to where he lives in Bedfordshire. On top of that, he is a self-employed tradesman, so lost a day’s pay today, and probably tomorrow too.

But there’s more!

They had booked up to spend Christmas in a hotel in the Cotswolds, hoping to make it special. If they don’t get a car tomorrow, they will be unable to travel to that area, as it is too far to go using public transport. On top of that, they will lose the £500 they paid, as it is too short notice to claim a refund.

As I dropped them off just after 1 pm, I was hesitant when wishing them a ‘Merry Christmas’

81 thoughts on “An Unexpected Unfortunate Event

  1. Wow, that made a mess of things. Life is crazy like that, Back to some order then. I guess it is time to work on Christmas here. Things coming in. I will need to work tidying up. I just need to bite the bullet.

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  2. I always worry when anyone in the family is travelling, which is just about most of the time, though most of the time we don’t know who or where. But when expecting visitors and the clock ticks round… At least they are safe

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  3. How awful — AND right before Christmas, too. I hope they‘ll find a(n affordable) new car soon after all, and will be able to make it to the Cotswolds after all — it sounds like they could use the change of scenery! Best wishes and fingers crossed for them.

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    1. Thanks, Lauren. He has three days to find a car before everything shuts down for Christmas. I think he is going to look at a few this morning. A friend is driving him around to do that.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. You were the hero Pete! Driving all that distance to solve the problem. Very generous of you especially when the kids were feeling so overwhelmed. Sorry for all the frustration, just glad everyone was not injured. Let’s hope the rest of your holiday is joyful! Hugs, C

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  5. I’m sending prayers and regards to your stepson and his girlfriend. I’m sorry they’re having to deal with this; especially at this time of year~I’m so happy to hear they’re not hurt, Pete. 🙏🏻

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  6. It was a bad turn of events. Sometimes we take things for granted, and we don’t realise how dependent we are on certain things. Thankfully everybody involved was well. Let’s hope things get better from now on. Sorry to hear about this, Pete. I hope you get a bit of rest now. It’s a long way.

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    1. Thanks, Jude. Hiring a car would be one option, but if he spends a couple of hundred on that, it will mean he cannot afford to buy a used car this week, or next. They are not well off, and he works on a daily rate as a self-employed person.
      (We did offer some financial help of course, and are waiting to hear if he wants that.)
      Best wishes, Pete. x


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